AN INTER-GENERATIONAL community project has brought together pupils from Liphook Junior School and residents from Bramshott Grange Care Home. 

The initiative is part of a civic award being undertaken by children from Year 6, aged ten to 11, who have been making regular visits to the Liphook care home. 

And the school even reciprocated the favour by inviting the residents to take a trip down memory lane and visit their school.

Teacher Kirsty Clarke said both groups have benefited from this ‘inter-generational’ experience.

“I think it has helped the children realise that older people weren’t always old – they were children just like them once. 

“They can discuss the differences between then and now and also what they have in common.

“The children were fascinated by the life stories. One resident used to be a nanny to the royal family, another was a pilot. 

“All the different countries the older generation had travelled to was also interesting – Canada, Australia, and all over Europe.”

Activity coordinator Annabelle Groves said: “Our ladies and gentlemen really look forward to the children visiting and taking part in activities and chatting with them. 

“It has had a very positive effect.

The pupils exchanged letters with the residents, and welcomed them to  the school for Canada Day, when they watched the pupils perform a play. 

The link-up is one of a number of community components of the civic award which also includes the older pupils leading play sessions with infants, litter picking and helping out at a food bank.