Whitehill Village Hall became a melting pot last Friday when a religious group held a dinner with a difference.

The local Ahmadiyya Muslim community invited people from across the Bordon, Alton and Kingsley area to join them for a Ramadan Iftar dinner.

They learned from members of the Whitehill & Bordon AMA UK group about the importance of Ramadan and Iftar, as the latter is the meal that follows a day of fasting and is traditionally shared with friends, family and guests.

The atmosphere was peaceful and very friendly with people from many religions and backgrounds tucking in.

Organisers also gave chocolates to residents who attempted to fast with AMA members on the day, with gifts also being handed out to local charities and organisations who are doing a “tremendous amount of work” locally.

“It was an incredibly warm evening and it was a great privilege to have been able to host this programme,” said Cllr Adeel Shah.

Members of the local AMA UK group also hit the road on Sunday as they delivered cupcakes and chocolates to friends around the district.

The gesture is part of the group’s Eid celebrations, with the sweet treats being arranged by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Jalsa Salana UK and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association.