Rock music is a tough business. Its appeal is youthful originality and vigour, but that only lasts until the next big young thing appears.

Some bands burn out and split up, others carry on unsuccessfully. But a precious few continue until their genius is belatedly recognised again – and they achieve national treasure status.

The group of Danny Boy, Mickey, Tone and Tank – the boys in the band, or rather the old boys in the band – fits the latter profile and is the basis of Alton author Mike Stephenson’s book Rock Around The Crocks.

It looks at what holds a band together, from forming in their teens to still performing in their 70s, from early international success at huge stadiums to eventual obscurity playing pub gigs.

They have lived through sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll in their youth to dodgy knees, bad backs and pensions, but suddenly an old hit is resurrected and they’re in demand again! Will they cope with new-found fame in their later years? Will they still rock or are they now crocks?

Mike Stephenson has played in folk clubs and been part of a rock band. He is also an artist and a music composer. He plays guitar, harmonica, ukulele and piano. He likes cats and curries and reckons The Beatles are the best band ever.

This 328-page Olympia Publishers paperback costs £10.99.