Alton Lions Club and the town’s Rotary Club combined forces last Friday and Saturday for a street collection in the High Street that raised an amazing £3,064.79 for the Turkey/Syria earthquake disaster appeal.

The money will be used to support the work of Lions International, Rotary International and their associated charities, which are already at work in the earthquake zone providing temporary shelter, clean water and supplies for the many survivors who are homeless.

Organisers of the collection were delighted at the response of shoppers.

Alton Rotary Club president Mike Sanders said he wished to thank all who had given generously to the street collectors.

He added: ”As always, people in Alton have dug deep on the occasion of this dreadful catastrophe.”

Alton Lions Club president Moira Baker endorsed this sentiment.

She said: “This is a disaster on a biblical scale and, as always, the caring people of Alton and the surrounding area have come up trumps in their support.

“Every penny counts, not just now but in the long term, in helping people impacted by the earthquake to rebuild their lives.”

The earthquake, which happened on February 5, was one of the largest to hit the region in more than 100 years.

Alton Lions instantly launched an appeal to support Lions working on the ground in Turkey to provide immediate short-term and long-term relief to victims.

Such local efforts were matched by the worldwide Lions Clubs International Foundation, which awarded a $200,000 major catastrophe grant to Lions in Turkey.

Its chair Douglas X Alexander said: “The devastation that this earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks brought is heartbreaking, and those affected by this disaster will need support in recovering and rebuilding for many days, weeks, months and even years ahead.”

The earthquake appeal is still open for donations.

People wishing to help can visit either club’s Facebook page or go to or