The Alton Neighbourhood Plan came under the spotlight last Friday and Saturday when people living in and around the town were given another chance to have a say on how it should be shaped and developed.

More than 350 people attended the two sessions at the Alton Assembly Rooms, eager to see what progress had been made on the plan since the last public exhibitions in May.

There was plenty to see. Some options for potential areas of housing development in Alton over the next decades to 2050, as well as policy areas suggested for inclusion in the plan, were carefully set out on nearly 40 display boards.

These included suggestions on infrastructure improvements, and climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as other topic areas which will come together in the final plan to shape the town over the coming years to ensure it remains sustainable and retains its sense of community while responding to the need for more affordable housing and the climate emergency.

Further information was available in several detailed documents including a housing needs analysis and a draft town design code.

Mike Heelis, who chairs the Neighbourhood Plan team, gave hourly short presentations to explain the plan in more detail and emphasise the importance of public feedback.

He responded to a large number of questions and suggestions, all of which were noted. These and the hundreds of comments written by attendees on sticky notes will contribute to the ongoing development and formation of the plan, which will be subject to formal public consultation early next year.

The volunteer plan team expressed their thanks to those who gave up their time to attend and provide valuable input for this important emerging planning document.

Further information is available at or by sending an email to [email protected]