Alton School congratulated its hard-working pupils when they received their GCSE results today.

In a year characterised by changes in assessment methods, the school acknowledged the hard work and dedication displayed by its pupils in achieving their outcomes following the transition back to traditional exam-based evaluations after a gap since 2019. 

High grades were awarded across the curriculum, including in English, science, geography, art and physical education. This year's results saw an increase in grade 9s – the highest level of achievement – compared to 2019.

Overall, 36 per cent of papers were awarded the top 7 to 9 grades, compared to the national average of 22 per cent, with 13 per cent achieving a grade 9, compared to the national average of five per cent. These accomplishments stand as a reflection of pupils' determination and diligence in their academic pursuits.  

Of particular note were two pupils, Emily Weir and William Dear, whose exceptional performance resulted in a remarkable array of grade 8s and grade 9s across all subjects.

Headmaster Karl Guest said: "This year's results are a testament to the dedication and perseverance demonstrated by our pupils. They faced unique challenges and uncertainties, and their accomplishments highlight their resilience. We are proud of their achievements and their conduct throughout this period." 

The school recognised the collaborative efforts of its teachers, staff and parents in supporting the pupils throughout their time there to enable them to "navigate the rigorous challenges of this academic year". 

It said the pupils' results were "a tribute to their individual growth and the support of the wider school community".