Alton Town Council is set to ring-fence £250,000 to cover any future work on Kings Pond.

The sum has been recommended for the approval of members when they attend an extraordinary full council meeting at the Alton Maltings Centre on Wednesday, January 18, at 7pm.

Some £170,000 would be neighbourhood community infrastructure levy money contributed by developers, with the remaining £80,000 coming from the town council's reserves.

Also recommended is that £25,000 be set aside for technical and financial assessments, beginning with the option to dredge the pond and the option to remove the outlet weir to allow further consideration of the option of taking the pond off-line from the River Wey.

Councillors are being recommended to defer considering the technical and financial assessment of the off-line option until the outcome of the technical and financial assessment of removing the outlet weir is known.

And a further £2,500 is set to be earmarked for a project manager, to design and run the tender process for the technical and financial assessments, and to bring the results of the tender process to the first full council meeting after the annual meeting of the new council in May.

Wednesday's meeting will begin with a PowerPoint presentation by town clerk Leah Coney on the results of the public consultation, which ran from October 17 to November 27, on the Kings Pond Draft Management Plan prepared by fisheries specialist Aquamaintain.

Next will follow an "extended period" during which members of the public can make a representation, contribution or suggestion, or ask a question.

Representations made in writing will be considered first. There are six – by Tim Pinchen, chair of the Watercress and Winterbournes Steering Group, Peter Desmond-Thomas, Sandra Hardman, who collected a 300-signature petition against the proposal to take the pond off-line, John Quincey, Maggie Thirlway and Anthony Furnival.

Then people in the room will be invited to speak. They will be encouraged to avoid repetition, and the emotive nature of the Kings Pond debate so far has been recognised in some behavioural instructions on the agenda.

It said: "Please ensure that everyone is respectful of each other’s views; the session is designed to promote an atmosphere of positive communication and understanding.

"Please refrain from making any questions, representations or contributions which contain offensive expressions or are personal or are verbally abusive towards other speakers, members of the audience, councillors or officers."

Members will then consider the outcome of the consultation, the next steps which should be taken and the recommendations before them.

To prepare for Wednesday's meeting, councillors and officers held a workshop session on December 20 at which the results of the consultation were circulated.

They considered the online survey responses, Sandra Hardman's petition and all other correspondence relating to the Kings Pond Draft Management Plan.

The agenda, reports and written representations can be viewed at