A new exhibition at Haslemere Museum will look at the town’s history of artisan groups and the work they produced.

Entitled Rustic Renaissance, the display will showcase the museum’s collection of European peasant art as well as craft pieces, including textiles, ceramics and woodwork.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Foundry Meadow area, off Foundry Lane, King’s Road, Haslemere, was home to a thriving community of craftspeople.

Among these were the Peasant Artists, a group focused on handicraft and a return to a simple life in the countryside. Workshops were established to train women to spin, weave and sew by hand and their products were sold locally and exhibited nationally and internationally.

The exhibition’s focus on the Foundry Meadow group links with a book on the subject by Catherine Eyre, which will be on sale in the museum shop.

The exhibition runs from Monday, November 7, until Christmas Eve.