Students at HSDC’s Alton and Havant campuses were praised for their hard work during their studies at two awards ceremonies.

The awards began on the Havant campus – where prizes were presented to 25 individuals. This was followed by recognising a further 14 students at Alton College.

HSDC’s deputy principals Richard Barlow and Dominic Asater congratulated the successful students for their achievements and efforts.

The ceremonies were also attended by friends and family of the invitees.

Amber Morrison, who was awarded student of the year for English and languages, said: “I am very honoured to have been invited to the student awards. I loved studying at Alton College and I am really glad I came here. I really enjoyed the style of teaching – it has been incredible. I am now going on to study law at the University of Reading.”

Cailan Landscheit, who was awarded student of the year for performing arts and music, said: “I am really honoured to have been invited to the student awards as I have worked really hard during my time at Alton College. My teachers have been really helpful throughout my studies and it feels great to be recognised for my hard work. I am going on to study at a London drama school. The audition process was really hard and I am very proud that I got in.”

There were also an extra two awards for student of the year for the Alton campus and for the Havant and South Downs campus and the Alton campus. These were awarded to Alton campus student Shaun Hinks and South Downs campus student Ellie Dominy. Both were extremely surprised yet overjoyed to take home this award.

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