AMERY Hill School provided the venue for nearly 100 Beaver Scouts who came together to compete in the 2016 Rotherfield District Highland Games.

They included representatives from 3rd Alton, 8th Alton, Ashdell, Greenfield and Wootey colonies, 2nd Bentley, 1st Headley, Four Marks and Ropley Tarzan, Four Marks Willow and 1st Blackmoor and Whitehill, Alresford and Cheriton.

The youngsters were welcomed by deputy district commissioner Malcolm Vincent, who told the Beavers that what he wanted them to do was to meet and make new friends, to enjoy themselves, to have fun, but most of all “to do their best” and if they won a trophy it would be the icing on the cake.

The challenge was to compete in six suitably adapted disciplines, namely tossing the caber, sprint relay, shot putt, javelin, hammer throwing, and tossing the haggis.

Each competitor had two attempts at each of the disciplines with their best scores fed into a computer to calculate the team and individual winners.

The Rotherfield District Scout Beaver Activity Team Cup was won by 8th Alton Wootey with 2nd Bentley a close runner up. The Individual Winners Cup was won by Isaac Eastlake from the 3rd Alton colony, with Thomas Marston of Four Marks and Ropley Tarzan colony runner-up.

Speaking on behalf of Rotherfield District, Mr Vincent thanked all those who had helped make the event a success but especially the individual group Beaver leaders and parents, Rotherfield SAS (Scouts and Explorers from various groups all who gave up their time to help and support) and the Beavers themselves for entering into the spirit of the games with enthusiasm and for doing their best.