THE CHIMES of victory were recently heard in Liss as the district’s bellringers converged on the village for an annual competition.

The competition was fierce but friendly in St Mary’s when it hosted the annual Alton & Petersfield bell-ringing striking competition.

The prize was the Cotter Cup with nine teams being drawn up by lots to ensure a fair mix of all ages and abilities.

Some of the ringers starting pulling the ropes only in May having joined the Ring for the King coronation celebration.

The event was organised by Jess Hornsby, district ringing master, with teams making full use of the eight-bell tower at St Mary’s.

But there could only be one winner with the triumphant Go Stedman Cinques team accepting the trophy from Roger Barber.

Mr Barber, who is captain of the Hawkley church bell ringers, used the presentation to make a moving tribute to his late friend Andrew Banks. He called him a “kind man and brilliant ringer” with the cup being presented in Mr Banks’ memory.

The competition was followed with a barbecue at Rake village hall with a vote of thanks being given to July Sparling, Duncan Wilkins, Mr Barber and all the organising team.

There was also a raffle in aid of the W&P Youth Ringers to continue their education and fund a ringing course at Bradfield College in Berkshire.