AUTHOR Hugh Bethell is launching his new book ’Get off the Couch, Before it’s too Late! All the whys and wherefores of exercise’ at Waterstones in Alton on Wednesday, December 8.

Hugh said of his book, which is illustrated by Toni Goffe and has a preface by Phil Spencer: "It carries information which could save your life and that of countless others."

It explains exactly how exercise affects the body and its crucial role in preventing and treating many of the conditions that beset people as they get older – obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and more.

At a time when a previously steady increase in life expectancy across the nation has stalled and a period of poor health and dependency at the end of life has lengthened, the book gives a strong signal for everyone to understand the importance of an active lifestyle.

Hugh said: "Getting off the couch is powerful medicine and can prevent much of the misery of disability and dependence in later life. So make a resolution: get off the couch – and do it now, before it’s too late."

The book will be on sale at Waterstones, the Alton Cardiac Rehab Centre, Oxley’s bookshop in Alresford and through Amazon, priced £14.99.