ANOTHER remembrance service is being held this weekend to remember the thousands of people in the UK (and millions globally) whose lives, livelihoods and homes have been lost as a result of our changing climate.

The candlelit gatherings will be happening for 20 minutes at 8pm this Saturday. November 11 in Petersfield (The Square), Haslemere (Lion Green), Midhurst (bus station), Horsham (Carfax), Chichester (the Cross), Petworth (market square) and Fernhurst (Vann Road by the shops), with others being continually added across Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and beyond.

Those wishing to attend should go to the meeting points just before 8pm, with a candle (and maybe an umbrella!).

The events are the brainchild of Bev Exall from Haslemere who said:  “Our changing climate is killing us, with more than a quarter of a million UK deaths linked to our changing climate since 1988. There were an estimated record number of 4,507 deaths associated with heat in England last year alone, with extreme weather events four times more likely now than in 1970, including flooding, storms and wildfires.

“So many have given, and continue to give, their lives in service of our country in past and current wars. On this year's remembrance weekend, as we face a very real and different type of threat to our country in this century – our unstable climate – we want to ensure that their sacrifices are not wasted by our politicians and corporations valuing profit over life.

“I’m calling on everyone who cares about the impact of our changing climate to stand in solidarity for 20 minutes at 8pm on Saturday, November 11 to show your support for affected families and communities, and to send a clear message to politicians and others in power that we need urgent change to stop more lives, homes and livelihoods being lost due to severe weather events.”