Sculptor and ceramicist Camilla Hanney has a solo exhibition called Curious by Nature at Alton’s Allen Gallery until March 3.

Following a residency at the gallery late last year she is sharing a body of work inspired by the gallery, from the ceramics on display to its historic garden.

The show features delicately constructed, hand-modelled and cast works in clay drawing on themes in the collection, particularly nature and its preservation.

Camilla was drawn to the garden, historically in the grounds of the Curtis family apothecary. William Curtis, born in Alton in 1746, worked in the garden before an all-consuming obsession with botany and the preservation of insects shaped his career.

Camilla said: “Curtis’s insatiable curiosity and fascination with all living beings and their inner workings served as a wellspring of inspiration for this exhibition.”

The gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am to 4pm.