The Martin Read Foundation Festival of Contemporary Music will be held at the Church of St Lawrence in Alton on April 23 at 7.30pm.

This concert will feature The Death of Colonel Boles, a cantata with words by Philip Sealey and music by Martin Read.

Colonel Boles led the Royalist forces in the Civil War battle with the Parliamentarians in Alton on December 13, 1643. He was killed inside the Church of St Lawrence where the Royalists had made a last stand.

The cantata is for double choir, baritone, cello, recorder quintet and drum. Performers will include cellist Joseph Spooner, bass-baritone Paul Sheehan, choral groups from Commotio and Southern Voices, and conductor David Gibson.

There is an opportunity for people to participate in the concert, either by singing in the choir or playing in the flexible ensemble. Rehearsals will begin at midday and the concert will end at 9.30pm.

For further information on taking part in the show, or for tickets – priced £10 (£5 students) – visit