A COUNCILLOR has pleaded to East Hampshire residents to complete a crucial survey for the sake of the district’s vulnerable.

The future of the Petersfield, Bordon and Alresford household waste and recycling centres has been one of the biggest talking points of a £132 million cost-cutting bid at Hampshire County Council.

But their loss would just be an “inconvenience” according to Cllr Jamie Matthews, who has raised huge fears about the impact of other reduced services on the less fortunate.

“These proposals have the potential to impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” said the district councillor during a recent Petersfield Town Council meeting.

“I’m talking about cuts in social care, scrapping of subsidised bus routes and taxi sharing – it’s going to have a significant impact on the welfare of our communities.”

He added: “In terms of the tip, yes it might be an inconvenience but there are some people that rely on public transport.

“It’s a lifeline to them and to them the closure of the tip is way down their list of priorities.”

County councillor Russell Oppenheimer told the meeting he could not guarantee 100 per cent the affected HWRCs would stay open with decisions being made in the summer.

He also repeated the plea for residents to take part in the consultation, saying HCC wasn’t running it “for the sake of it” and will genuinely listen to the feedback.

The consultation runs until March 31 and can be completed through www.hants.gov.uk/future-services-consultation