DOG owners need to clean up their act according to the organisers of a community litter pick in Whitehill & Bordon.

Around a dozen residents joined forces with the town council to give Alexandra Park and the walkway behind Saville Crescent a spring clean on Saturday.

The area was pleasingly clean with just seven bags being filled, but town mayor councillor Leeroy Scott wasn’t happy with the level of dog fouling in the areas.

He said: “It was good to see so many people turning out for the community litter pick on Saturday.

“It was nice to see the park was relatively clean apart from the large amount of dog faeces. Please could dog owners be more considerate.”

Cllr Adeel Shah said: “Participating in the litter pick made us realise what a great community we live in.

“There might be patches in the town that have a lot of litter, but the area we covered was remarkably clean.

“It’s heartwarming to see everyone come together to make a positive impact on our environment.

“It’s a great feeling to know we can make a difference and contribute to creating a cleaner and healthier community for everyone.”