Bordon Infant School pupils – along with their parents, grandparents and teachers – were joined by Annington representatives to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by planting a time capsule on school grounds.

The contents of the time capsule were chosen to reflect the Queen’s 70 years of service and included artwork designed by the pupils.

The capsule also contained information on the day-to-day activities of the school in 2022, including pictures, maps and comments from parents and staff. The capsule will be dug up in 2052 by a new generation of pupils.

Annington is currently refurbishing a collection of three-bedroom former MoD properties close to the school.

Bordon Infant School headteacher Matt Greenhalgh said: “We are very excited to preserve such a momentous occasion in history.

“The children enjoyed discussing what they would find interesting if they were to dig up a time capsule from years ago. We would like to thank Annington for their support with our Jubilee celebrations and for assisting in such a memorable day for the pupils.”

Louise Saunders, sales and marketing manager for Annington, said: “During this exciting time of national celebration, we are pleased to mark this point in history with Bordon Infant School.

“The ongoing town centre regeneration, alongside our own refurbishment works, mark a point of change for Bordon. Our work with the community is important to us, and it’s exciting to think our small piece of history will be preserved for future schoolchildren to discover in years to come.”