A group of Selborne Primary School pupils took part in the Lego festival at Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park in Guildford.

The festival was part of Lego League Explore, which is a programme aimed at six- to nine-year-olds. It is designed to develop teamwork, design, programming and communication skills while having lots of fun with Lego.

Each year there is a different theme. This year’s is Superpowered, and is about identifying and creating a better and more sustainable energy source for the community.

For the past few weeks, the Selborne children worked on their models and created posters to support their work.

This is the second year that Selborne School has taken part in the Lego programme. They run a breakfast Lego club at school, run by volunteers and teachers, and it’s in this club that the school’s three teams built their Lego League Explore models.

Coach Paul Marden said: “Coding is at the root of our club at Selborne, and Lego League Explore provided the tools to enable this for the children.

“Lego has provided the gateway to enable them to learn coding, physics, making choices, teamwork – this was all about learning hidden behind ‘play’.

“The children were so excited about coming to Ninja Warrior Guildford for the festival. Since Covid we’ve found that the children have perhaps needed more in the way of team-working and the opportunity to build social skills, so coming to Ninja Warrior UK Guildford and engaging with the team of adults has all been such a hugely positive experience for them.”