WEYDON School is hosting an i2i Get into Teaching computer science taster afternoon on Thursday (December 9).

During the taster afternoon visitors can meet the Weydon computer science team over lunch and explore what it means to be a computer science teacher; participate in a workshop looking at current computer science lesson activities; visit a GCSE computer science class; and ask questions of Weydon’s team of computing and teacher training experts.

Dan Settle trained with the i2i Teaching Partnership and is now in his third year of teaching as a qualified computer science teacher at Weydon School.

He said: “I trained with the i2i Teaching Partnership SCITT in 2018, qualifying as a computer science teacher in 2019. While I was at university I worked as a tutor, teaching children how to code. This sparked my first interest in teaching, so when I completed my degree I became an IT technician in a secondary school to gain some relevant experience. These experiences confirmed for me I wanted to become a teacher.

“Having worked in a school environment I wanted to train within a school, rather than through a university. My local school-led provider was i2i, and my school recommend them for the high quality of their training programme.

“While I found the training year quite tough, i2i were hugely supportive and the programme taught me all the skills I needed to succeed.

“Since qualifying I have been employed as a computer science teacher at Weydon School. Here my confidence, skills and knowledge have continued to grow and I absolutely love my job. I find the kids incredibly fun to work with, and I particularly love to see the spark of interest in computing in students who are initially reluctant to engage in the subject.”

Visit www.i2ipartnership.co.uk/443/upcoming-events to book a place at the taster afternoon.