St Andrew's Parish Church in Farnham is set to launch a new gospel choir for adults, in a bid to bring the community together through music.

The choir, which is based on a successful model from Norway, aims to provide a platform for people to connect with each other and share their love for gospel music.

The launch of the choir is set to take place on the weekend of May 20 to 21, where interested participants can attend a taster session to get a feel for what the choir will entail. 

The taster session will include a rehearsal on Saturday from 3pm to 5pm and a mini-concert during the Sunday service from 10am to 11.30am.

The choir leaders, Leif Ingvald Skaug from Norway and Tim Uffindell from the UK, are excited to bring their expertise and experience to the Farnham community.

Admission to the taster session is free, and those interested in joining the choir are encouraged to book their spot by emailing the St Andrew’s Parish Church office at [email protected]

The new choir and taster session promises to be a truly uplifting and joyful experience for all involved.