THE RUDE Mechanical Theatre company is bringing its new play to eight local outdoor venues this summer.

Gods and Dogs is at Cherryfields, Fullers Road, Rowledge (June 8), Thedden Grange, Alton (June 9), Conford Village Hall field (June 10), Ropley Recreation Ground (June 11), Haslemere Educational Museum (June 18), Sheet Recreation Ground (June 26), The Village Hall field, Hambledon (July 15) and The Old Rectory, Droxford (July 16). 

The Rude Mechanical Theatre was founded in 1997 and has toured new plays once or twice a year since to rural communities and towns in southern England.

A spokesperson said: “Over the years we have built strong relationships with ‘our’ communities so they have come to understand our theatre language, which is rooted in the commedia dell’arte, music hall and silent film but made our own for our audiences and the contemporary world. Our annual visits are part of their lives; children have grown up to be adults with us.”

The comedy Gods and Dogs is set in 2084 on the island of Abatina, based loosely on Monaco, where people are glamorous celebrities or slobbering dog-like followers of them glued to their telepafones. Except the Nevnops, as all-seeing, all-hearing president Big Al calls them – ‘not very nice people’ who pursue their own thoughts and don’t like the president.

The story follows Tina who enters Marriage Maker, a telepavision game show. The winner marries super-glamorous footballer Harry Best on Saturday, has a weekend of love, then divorces him on Monday. All the fun and no ties! But Tina falls in love when she wins and doesn’t want a divorce.

Best friend Doreen has an opinion but she might be a Nevnop and the Mind Police might get to her first and send her to the wolves on the Other Side, a world over the mountain where the people of Abatina are told by Big Al they must not go, full of those who think for themselves and wolves that might get them. Will Tina keep her man? Will Doreen get ‘disappeared’ by the Mind Police?

The shows start at 7.30pm and entry is from 6pm. Book at or call 01323 501260.