People often say there isn’t enough space in Farnham town centre to build cycle tracks. So to set the record straight Farnham Cycle Campaign has published the above map showing possible routes across Farnham which could be used to construct a initial network of cycle tracks, writes Peter Goodman, of the Farnham Cycling Campaign.

These cycle tracks would not require the closure of any car lanes but would allow a lot of people to get into Farnham town centre by leaving their car at home if they live close enough.

This would reduce car congestion in the town centre which would help people who live too far out to cycle into town.

Imagine a trip into town where there is no congestion, no parking charges and you can usually park close to the shop you wanted to visit. This will be the reality of cycling into town and many research studies have shown cycling can increase revenue in shops by up to 30 per cent.

As you cycle past a shop and decide you need to buy something, it is easy to pop inside and make a purchase. In a car, you would probably have to drive to another part of the town and then walk all way back to that same shop.

The cycle network map we have published is really a work in progress and you can zoom in to see the detail by visiting an online copy at – we are happy to accept suggestions for improvements by emailing [email protected]

It is disappointing to have to report that after more than three years since the Farnham Pollution Summit, the Farnham Infrastructure Programme which is run by leaders from the town and county council, as well as Jeremy Hunt, are still planning a cycle network that involves mostly ‘mixed traffic routes’. A mixed traffic route requires the cyclists to share the same tarmac as a car or lorry.

How do they really expect a parent to choose to leave their 4x4 at home and cycle to school with a child when the routes they are proposing include The Borough and South Street in central Farnham?

By contrast, our network is significantly different because it uses quiet roads and parks to traverse the town centre, keeping bikes off busy roads.

If you feel you would like to either reduce the car congestion or cycle into the town centre yourself, then please email your local councillor to tell them – because a week tomorrow, on March 24, they make the final decision about whether or not to have safe cycling routes into the centre. You can find the email address for your own local councillor by searching for ‘democracy’ and ‘Farnham’ on the internet.

This is your chance to make a difference to the future of Farnham as this is probably the last opportunity this decade to create a useful cycle network.