AN EIGHT-year-old pupil at Rowledge Primary School, Immy Austin, has donated more than 40 boxes of chocolates to Farnham food bank to “bring a bit of Christmas joy” to those who may need it.

Having visited the food bank with the Rowledge Brownies unit back in the summer, Immy set herself the challenge of collecting 25 boxes of chocolates in ten days by the end of November.

Thanks to the generous donations from her fellow Brownies, classmates, friends and family, she was able to hand over 40 boxes to the food bank – and in doing so, more than earned her Brownies ‘Charities’ badge.

Mum Steph said: “We’re so proud of her and what she has achieved!”

Set up by a local church leader and working closely with other churches, Farnham food bank helps provide for those in our community who are in need or struggling, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year.

Approximately 1,800 people were fed by the town’s food bank last year, with just over half being children.

In local supermarkets, such as Waitrose, you can find a food bank bin near the door as you exit. All donations go towards helping families in our community who need it.

The Farnham food bank also helps people face underlying issues such as debt, providing financial advice and other such services to those in need.

“We are more than just a food bank,” said Harriet Lanyon, the project manager of the Farnham food bank. “We are enormously grateful for the support of the local community.”

Farnham food bank ( is specifically appealing for any festive items including Christmas cake, mince pies and selection boxes to be donated at its collection bins by tomorrow (Friday).