Concerns have been allayed to wildlife supporters about the nature of clearance work off Bordon’s relief road.

A habitat area for reptiles and invertebrates is being created off Templars Way as part of an Ecological Area Strategy.

It’s part of the Asmodee development further north as a host of environmental planning conditions were imposed when permission was granted at the turn of the decade.

Occupation of the landmark 134,000sq ft head office building was a trigger with reptile mitigation, Green Loop work and landscaping being part of the condition-heavy scheme.

The felling work north of the loop footpath might look drastic, but the area is not being cleared for yet more housing, contrary to some rumours online.

The work includes the creation of a shallow habitat pond with native riparian planting and the transformation of rocks and log piles into refuge areas for reptiles and similar creatures.

Most of the existing woodland will be retained but some small areas of trees, bracken and scrub will be removed and replanted with a “mosaic of wildflowers” and heather cuttings from the surrounding area.

Native scrub is also being planted while the existing informal footpath will be maintained as a dirt track along the edge of the site. Indeed, the path around the site has been temporarily closed, while the area has been fenced off as it undergoes ‘ecological enhancement work’.

More information about the scheme can be found by typing ‘55587 Asmodee’ into the search applications browser at