While some might say the high street is dying; banks are leaving, shops are closing,  one woman has got crafty – and been very successful.

Eva Louise left her teaching job in August 2022, dedicating herself to her new craft business full time. Now she is opening the Craftiful Studio in Beacon Hill on March 2. 

“I love teaching but I found there was less and less of the actual teaching and I was getting so stressed by all the paperwork and the behind-the-scenes things that go into being a teacher – so I decided to make the jump!”

Eva started doing craft workshops for children out of her kitchen. 

“I was posting on the community board all the time and not getting much response and then all of a sudden I was getting fully booked for every workshop. That’s when I decided to look for a studio. It is so amazing – I have combined my job with my passion.”

But Eva’s workshops are not just for children. Her post on Facebook about a 20s to 30s ‘Meet & Make’ workshop attracted hundreds of likes and comments. 

“I find making friends harder now and I wanted to do a workshop that encouraged people to find friends while crafting. I think it’s easier to talk when your hands are busy!”

Eva will be doing more events for all age groups in the coming months. Her big opening event for the studio on March 2 is a free event for all ages, with free crafts, fresh popcorn, glitter makeup, competitions and more.