THE UK’S leading gardening charity is getting into a flower bed with Gilbert White’s House & Gardens.

East Hampshire has pulled off a coup as the Royal Horticultural Society has made the Selborne attraction one of nine new ‘Partners Gardens’ for 2024.

Partner gardens are assessed by the RHS and must meet the Society’s high standards to obtain the accolade.

The development also means that RHS members can visit Gilbert White’s Garden for free on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with “other perks” being promised.

The attraction is a reconstruction of the 18th Century naturalist’s garden using heritage plants that White mentions in his diaries or were popular in the 1700’s.

It includes quirky features like White’s Windpipe seat and a deceptive statue of Hercules.

It is gardened in a way that is close to 18th century methods and promotes biodiversity and sustainability. For more details visit