A vision to give pupils a high-quality education is becoming a reality at a “thriving” East Hampshire school.

These are good times at Selborne Primary School as it’s been given a glowing report card by Ofsted inspectors following their visit on January 30.

Pupils are “thriving” at the school with its “broad and balanced” curriculum being complemented by “enriching activities” like museum visits and outdoor learning.

Inspectors lauded the “commitment, energy and determination” of the school’s leaders and governors and their clear vision to give all pupils a top-notch education.

And their attitude has been noticed by pupils and parents, with the former describing their teachers as “kind and firm” and parents being wholehearted in their praise.

They told inspectors how staff regularly go “above and beyond to ensure their children flourish” with pupils also embracing their school community and achieving well.

While the report makes excellent reading for headteacher Lucy Corbishley and her team, minor improvements are needed.

Inspectors noted that teacher knowledge in some subjects needs to be strengthened, with pupil expectations being lowered as a result. So while pupils broadly achieve well, they could do better if the school takes steps to address the shortfall.

“Pupils and their parents and carers note the many positive steps that the school has taken recently,” wrote lead inspector Maria Roberts and inspector, James Everett.

“They comment that the school’s educational offer has strengthened. Parents wholeheartedly praise work of the school, describing how staff go above and beyond to ensure that their children flourish.”