The Red Rose Tea Room in Grayshott is organising support packages for Ukrainian soldiers – but has raised concerns over a drop in the amount of donations it is receiving.

Kasia Dziubek, who runs the Red Rose Tea Room, has been organising donations since the war in Ukraine started.

She said: “The amount of donations is definitely dropping off.

“We send donations every Saturday to a town in Poland, and from there they are taken to Ukraine.

“Our driver from Poland to Ukraine has all the necessary paperwork to cross the border and cross the checkpoints in Ukraine.

“The donations are still much needed. I believe the war will finish sooner than we think, but the soldiers need our help now.

“We received a letter from the Ministry of Defence in Ukraine thanking us for what we’ve sent.

“A lot of the soldiers are just normal people who were living normal lives before the war. Now they are fighting to protect their freedom and our freedom.

“I would like to thank the people who have donated with all my heart.”

Among the items Kasia is collecting to send to Ukraine is underwear, food, toiletries, hygiene products, cold and flu tablets, cough medicine, throat lozenges, nasal sprays, first aid kits, dressings and bandages, emergency thermal blankets, phone power banks and tactical vests.