Driver Pat Lerew MBE says Hampshire County Council should leave grass tall by the A31 only in areas where it does not cause danger to road users.

Mrs Lerew, of Holybourne, was speaking after a fatal crash at the Hen and Chicken junction on June 7.

She said: “Many thanks to the Herald for ensuring the grass at the Chawton roundabout (pictured) was mown last week. It made my journey to and from Winchester much easier, as before that one had had to stop before driving on to the roundabout to ensure the road was clear.

“There was no such luxury at the crossing of the carriageway of the A31 near the Hen and Chicken at the beginning of June. We have been told not to conjecture about this crossing but this is not conjecture. This is my own experience.

“After a pleasant lunch with friends at the pub on June 6 I left to drive back to Alton. I crossed the northbound carriageway and the central reservation to join the southbound carriageway. To my horror, I could see nothing except grass to my left. It was so high and because the land went uphill I couldn’t see any traffic until it rounded the bend a few hundred yards to my left and often travelling up to 60mph on the single lane nearest me.

“Two abortive attempts and several prayers later I managed to get across to the designated lane and travel home safely but it was one of the most terrifying moments I can remember.

“A friend reported my experience to Hampshire county councillor Andrew Joy, who I know passed on the report straight away that afternoon.

“Sadly no action was taken on it until June 8, too late to prevent the fatal accident.

“No Mow May is a worthy concept but one which needs to be carefully monitored so that grass is cut where it obscures a view and affects road safety, otherwise one could be forgiven for thinking it was a way of saving money as well as protecting the environment.

“The sanctity of human life must come first.”