Elvis tribute act Chris Connor will appear with his band The Steels and singers The Sweet Harmonies at Aldershot’s Princes Hall on April 13 at 7.45pm.

This is a magnificent theatre production, authentically recreating two concerts by Elvis Presley at his very best.

Audience members will feel they have been transported back in time. If you were not lucky enough to see Elvis live, you will walk away from this concert feeling that you have.   

Chris’s manager Lisa Matthews said: “Chris has built a huge following all around the world. He is shy and very humble off stage, however on stage he transforms into Elvis, it can be at times very spooky. Chris makes sure that his tribute is respectful at all times, and as authentic as possible.

“Audience members are left in tears and in shock during and after the shows, with the very close likeness in looks, voice, mannerisms and moves.

“Chris has worked very hard to become the world’s leading Elvis performer, and he is grateful for the continued support he receives from all fans across the globe.”

For tickets, priced £31 (£29 Friends), call 01252 329155.