Drivers zooming down the A283 will have to watch their speed in the new financial year as average speed cameras are going to be making an appearance on the busy Petworth Road. 

In a video celebrating the upcoming instalments MP Jeremy Hunt said: “Chiddingfold is one of the most beautiful villages in my constituency but it has always had this issue with traffic going very fast along the Petworth Road. 

“So, it is brilliant news that in the next financial year, following sustained campaigning by me and Chiddingfold residents, there is going to be an average speed check camera installed that will keep traffic below 30 miles an hour. 

“Both Witley and Chiddingfold are to get average speed cameras to endorse the 30mph speed limit along the A283. 

“I’ve been campaigning with many local people for a number of years for these cameras, so it’s brilliant news for road safety in our villages.”

Matt Furniss, Surrey County Council’s cabinet member for highways, transport and economic growth, said: “The local community have requested improvements to road safety in this area and we’ve listened. This is one of a number of average speed cameras being implemented across the county as we continue our ongoing focus to improve the safety of our roads.

“Average speed cameras are more effective than spot speed cameras as they encourage greater compliance with the speed limit over a longer stretch of road, and have been proven to lead to reduced injury collisions.

“They are also considered to be fairer on motorists, as there is less likelihood of being issued with a penalty due to a momentary lapse, and it is not possible to slow down and then speed back up again as can be the case with a spot speed camera.”

Motorists should watch out for those 30 signs from April to avoid a fine speeding its way to their door.