On these lovely Saturday summer mornings, I have taken to popping into Lidl in Farnham to buy a selection of viennoiserie (croissants etc) as soon as it opens at eight o’clock. Very nice they are too!

At the same time I have noticed quite a number of parents and young children trying to cross over from the sports centre over to the supermarket – no doubt to buy buns or cakes for the children before they run them off at the children’s sports sessions. 

Even at this relatively early hour, they take their life in their hands because of the speed of the traffic (what happened to our 20mph town centre?).

It would be highly desirable to provide a light-controlled crossing between the sports centre and Lidl, as not only would this benefit the food customers and their children  but would provide a safe crossing for the residents of the new Brightwells development. 

At the moment there is no safe crossing anywhere on the ex-Swain and Jones roundabout. 

As for who should fund it – how about Lidl and Crest Nicholson splitting the bill?

Jim Lawson

Oakland Avenue, Farnham