I wonder if I can claim a record for Farnham motorists.

In April (early evening), it took me one hour and five minutes to travel by car from Firgrove Hill opposite Trafalgar Court, on and up Downing Street then to the Masonic Centre at the top of Castle Street. This journey was not helped at all by the quite amazing obstacles placed by our councils limiting traffic in Downing Street and Castle Street. 

I love flowers but really I could not believe or understand these council-imposed problems!

On Friday lunchtime last, returning from Fleet Hospital, I foolishly decided to travel down from Farnham Castle to the traffic lights on A31. This bumper-to-bumper experience took one hour and five minutes.

What has happened to Farnham? I am aware of delays in West Street but surely with this amazing set of problems, our councils should be encouraging motorists to completely avoid Farnham until common sense has prevailed. 

Perhaps the three policemen we saw checking speeds at the very top of Castle Hill could be re-assigned to help?

By John Page

The Boreen, Headley Down