It would seem that Royal Mail is discriminating against those of us who are lucky enough to live in rural East Hampshire.

Since the beginning of February we have had two deliveries of mail. In each case, when there is a delivery, a great accumulation of mail is delivered .

Upon inspection it is obvious a considerable number of items have been hanging around somewhere in the mail system for many days, if not weeks.

The Postal Services Act 2011 sets out a Universal Service Obligation  for “at least one delivery of letters every Monday to Saturday to every address in the UK”.

It would seem that Royal Mail has chosen to disregard the will of parliament in this matter.

Prior to Christmas, Royal Mail had a valid excuse as they suffered industrial action. They cannot rely on that excuse now.

This should in no way be taken as a criticism of the delivery team who, when we see them, are delightful and always very friendly.

Colin Rule

East Tisted, Alton