This afternoon (December 27) at about 4.15pm, in the dark with misty rain, I was driving up Waverley Lane towards Abbots Ride, when I saw in the distance a white flashing light bobbing up and down.

I was driving carefully, with cars coming down Waverley Lane. I immediately thought it was a runner I have seen before running on the pavement in Abbots Ride, but now the runner was in Waverley Lane, with no fluorescent jacket, and no pavement. 

I could not believe when I drove around the runner that anybody with any sense or consideration would be so stupid in the dark and poor weather to be running on the road.

If you print this I hope the runner will read it and reconsider their running on the road in the dark. 

And thank their lucky stars I and hopefully no other drivers did not collide with the keep fit enthusiast.

Charles Wicks

Abbots Ride, Farnham