A Lindford woman has been shortlisted for the UK Hair and Beauty Awards.

Mollie Selby, who runs and owns the Lindford-based beauty business MEA Nail Artist, has been shortlisted in the best new talent category of this year’s UK Hair and Beauty Awards.

Mollie said: “I am a gel and natural nail specialist. I absolutely adore what I do and am filled with passion for helping people achieve the natural nails of their dreams.

“I do this part-time from my nail room at my home in Lindford. I have achieved so much in nine months, including gaining my incredible client base, upgrading my skillset and becoming a brand ambassador for an award-winning nail care company called OMYetc. Now, the latest exciting addition is being a 2023 finalist for the UK Hair and Beauty Awards.”

The UK Hair and Beauty Awards celebrate the hair and beauty industry in an aim to support businesses large and small and expose all candidates to new opportunities via social media – no matter their financial and social status. With district and regional rounds, finalists will compete locally before heading to the national grand final red carpet event.

Anyone who would like more information about MEA Nail Artist should visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/meanailartist or the Instagram page at www.instagram.com/meanailartist