HOMES on a Bordon cul-de-sac at the centre of an eviction row will not be used to house Afghan refugees.

The assurance is part of an MOD clarification on the decision to vacate eight civilian tenants from the Bolley Avenue area.

The area made national headlines a fortnight ago when the MOD gave the tenants just two months’ notice to leave their ex-military homes.

Affected residents included a single mother of three children and a 74-year-old author and her husband, who both suffer from health problems.

Residents have criticised the short period and the resulting race to find alternative housing, with similarly-sized rental properties being in short supply around Whitehill and Bordon. There had been rumours the housing was being vacated for refugees, but these were unfounded.

An MOD spokesperson has suggested the renters knew what they were getting into, as the terms of the notice period are “clear in the lease” while they and their contractors cannot provide assistance in finding alternative homes.

The spokesperson added: “Civilian tenants who rent homes that are temporarily not required for Service Personnel sign-up to two months’ notice to vacate.

“Sub-lets are always offered on short-term basis only, and cannot be considered as an alternate source of social housing.”

The MOD has confirmed it no longer requires 48 properties around Bordon with eight of these being sub-let to civilian tenants as a short-term measure. These homes will not be used as part of the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy.

The MOD added: “There is no long-term requirement for the identified Service Family Accommodation at Bordon Garrison and the properties will be returned to Annington Homes Limited in accordance with the terms of the MOD’s agreement.”

“Once the properties are returned to Annington Homes future use is not a matter for the MOD.”