Gripes about noise and parking have marred the success of a motocross event near Bordon with the landowners admitting it caused a “nuisance” to some locals.

The MOD is determined to find some Slab Common ground after granting permission for a series of motocross events on its land between Bordon and Oakhanger over March and early April.

The events were well supported and attracted some of the UK’s best riders but facilitators also received a “number of complaints” with one neighbour recording a figure of nearly 80 decibels at 8am on a Sunday.

The UK Defence Training Estate South East (DTE) often allows events on its land as they are encouraged by the MOD to generate money from spare capacity.

The common was identified as a possible venue for British Motocross Championships in 2023 with the latest four-day series being approved and licensed in January following “rigorous” scrutiny.

Whitehill Town Council were informed the following month and a “comprehensive risk assessment” covering noise, traffic arrangements and the likelihood of disruption was carried out.

But although there were positive comments on social media about the event, the DTE have accepted complaints about noise and disruption.

“Despite the mitigation identified in the risk assessments, noise was clearly a nuisance as were challenges with traffic management as there was no dedicated parking for spectators,” read their statement.

“Any applications for future events of this type will be subject to greater scrutiny which will take full account of the potential for noise and traffic management challenges.”