AMERY Hill School has been shortlisted for an M&S Community Energy Fund grant.

The school applied for the grant to help deliver its ‘Paving the Way’ renewable energy project.

“Our installation project will consist of 24 Pavegen floor tiles, covering 10 to 20 metres of the ICT corridor, which will generate electricity from footsteps,” said Clare Saunders, a spokesman for Amery Hill School.

“The installation is designed to encourage students and staff to engage with a tangible, renewable-energy solution.

“It will help them recognise the opportunities for an innovative, off-grid energy technology within high footfall areas, regardless of the weather.

“The energy harnessed and converted from student and staff footsteps using the Pavegen tiles is an innovative and effective renewable-energy source.

“Not only does the system harvest energy but the tiles are fitted with wireless technology which will provide detailed real-time feedback on the power generated.

“The energy harvested can be used to power low-voltage local applications and we plan to use this to light the ICT corridor.”

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