In January, Peeps re-published this group photograph of pupils at Privett School in about 1931 which was discovered among some old documents from the Petersfield Post office.

Well, having sadly had no response to our initial inquiry, we were delighted when reader Susan Knight got in touch to announce she recognised one of the happy smiling faces photographed.

Susan writes: “I am 99 per cent sure that the rather tall girl, middle row with white apron, in the picture is Olive Knight, a relative of my husband.

“All the Knight children went to Privett School. 

“The eldest, Margaret – always known as Bet – was very clever and was asked to go to Alton Grammar School, but her parents couldn’t afford the uniform.”

We’d love to hear of any other Peeps readers’ memories of Privett School, or indeed other educational opportunities tragically stunted like poor Bet.

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