A charity which supports people living with depression, anxiety and emotional distress is seeking a helping hand from Whitehill and Bordon residents.

The PeerTalk charity needs four more volunteer facilitators to oversee their Tuesday evening support group sessions in Whitehill village hall.

The role of the facilitator – who will receive initial and ongoing training with Pee Talk – is to ensure that groups function, and function well. Each support group meeting is overseen by two volunteer facilitators, who adhere to PeerTalk’s ethos, policies and procedures.

Facilitators don’t offer their own advice, counsel or opinions as the onus is on group members to support each other.

The charity will hold online volunteer training evenings this Tuesday and Wednesday (April 23 & 24) for people who are interested in the role. The event will also include an overview of some of the causes of depression by Dr India Amos, a senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy.

Details of the role can be found at https://www.peertalk.org.uk/volunteer-with-us while application details can be found at https://www.peertalk.org.uk/index.php/index.php/volunteer-with-us/application-form