AN EXHIBITION of “environmentally conscious” artwork by a pair of globally-acclaimed artists has gone on show in Petersfield.

Gallery No. 30 hosted a private view of contemporary artwork by Baiba Abelite and Visvaris Asaris last Saturday.

The exhibition curated by Scarlett Rose is a coup for the High Street venue as the pair are attracting worldwide attention.

It was also Abelite’s first in the UK, coming on the back of an exhibition at the Paris Art Fair and a digital showcase in Times Square.

The artist, whose work is becoming increasingly prized, often uses metal sheeting to convey the urbanisation of landscapes, intertwining physical space with digitally altered realities like AI, infrared and Wifi signals.

Influential Latvian artist Asaris has a niche in aerial views of landscapes, focusing on tones and texture to highlight poetic narratives within our surroundings.

Their work will be on display until February 17 along with pieces by local artists Donna Benton and Rebecca Donohue. Go see.