A GANTRY could be installed at the entrance to Heath Road car park in Petersfield following a spate of fly-tipping.

Town councillors heard last Thursday that commercial waste has been dumped at the far end of the car park at least three times over the last month.

The town council’s grounds manager David Cole doesn’t believe CCTV would be effective while there would be privacy issues given the proximity of the Little School by the Lake.

“We’re talking about installing overhead barriers as it seems to be more commercial waste,” said Mr Cole to the Grounds Committee last Thursday.

“We suspect it’s a higher top van so a gantry would combat that sort of activity.

"CCTV doesn’t stop it from happening as all you have to do is cover your numberplate and the camera becomes useless.”

Mr Cole added that PTC staff had searched through the dumped waste for clues of its source, but had found nothing to lead to a possible prosecution.