Waverley Borough Council has refused Haslemere Tennis Club permission to convert its floodlights at the Recreation Ground’s court to new LED lights.

The tennis club had sought permission under a ‘non-material amendment’ to its 2001 planning consent for the floodlights – and Haslemere Town Council had raised no objection to the change.

However, Waverley planning officers ruled the club had not provided evidence to support its claim the impact on the amenity of neighbours would be “similar” to the present impact.

“The application must therefore be refused,” added a report by officers.

Haslemere Tennis Club had sought to replace the existing “obsolete” metal halide floodlights on its four courts with new LED lights.

Its plans stated: “All existing lighting columns will be retained in their exact current positions. It is only the heads that are being replaced which are smaller so less obtrusive.

“The lighting profile and spill of the replacement lights will be similar to the existing.”

The application had been submitted on behalf of the club by sports floodlighting specialists LTL Floodlighting, based in Farnham.