THE GOLDEN arches could be coming to Liphook if McDonald’s plan for a drive-through restaurant at the A3 Liphook Services is approved by East Hampshire District Council.

It would be built following the demolition of the vacant 1980s-built Metro Inns hotel, the purchase of which became an expensive mistake in the council’s attempt to assemble an income-generating property portfolio.

Four planning applications have been made to cover all the work involved and no decision has yet been made – but of the 16 public comments during the consultation period on the main proposal to build the restaurant, there were ten in favour, one neutral and five against.

There would also be parking, landscaping, playground apparatus, customer order displays and a variety of signs.

One person in favour said: “I’ve lived in the local area for some time and I believe this would be a great benefit to the community and location.

“This area seems to be used for vandalism and rubbish tipping so to have a functioning business supplying jobs to local people would be of great benefit. I could also use a drive-through on my way back from work!”

Another added: “What a fantastic idea! The empty hotel is an eyesore and it would be great to see the space being used for something positive and popular.”

One objector said: “I am a resident living close to the A3. I have a concern about the amount of litter that will be generated on the slip road, on the A3 and in surrounding areas such as the countryside and parks.”