Hampshire County Council is mulling over a significant reduction in its property holdings, influenced by the rise in remote work.

Pending approval, the plan aims to shift staff to local hubs and enhance public services using libraries.

Poor conditions in multiple buildings, demanding hefty investments, were noted in a council report.

Following pandemic adjustments, office space was already reduced, and hybrid working has kept usage lower than before.

A 2023 review identified surplus capacity, suggesting further office cuts through optimised methods and service relocations.

The review encompasses various facilities, including main area office hubs, libraries, register offices, former children's centres, and leased spaces in district council offices.

But it did not consider closing any libraries or other public services.

The council assets under review currently house around 2,000 council employees, with low desk utilisation.

Property costs stand at £3.7 million (gross), and the potential sale of some buildings could generate £7.6 million.