Labour Parliamentary candidate Alex Just, met with Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer on June 18, to discuss the unprecedented success of his campaign in Farnham and Bordon.

Alex, who lives in south Farnham, explained how changing demographics, together with Labour’s strong standing in the national polls, has transformed his prospects in the hitherto Tory area.

“As someone who was raised nearby in Surrey, Keir was interested to know how we were doing so well here,” Alex said. “The truth is that the population of the towns and villages within this new constituency is changing fast, and Labour’s policies for change now have wide appeal.

“Most importantly, people want a strong local advocate for this area who will have a direct route to the next Prime Minister to get things done, rather than anyone sitting outside of government complaining,” he continued. “That’s what I offer, so it really is game on.”

Labour’s campaign in Farnham and Bordon clearly has momentum, with the area now bristling with party posters, and more than 200 volunteers recruited to the cause.

With the clock counting down until polling stations open, activists are redoubling their efforts to reach as many people as possible with the message that Labour can win the seat.