In the September 7 edition, Richard Millard, the Conservative leader of East Hampshire District Council, wrote: “Government uncertainty is holding us back.”

I was astonished – a Conservative councillor criticising the Conservative government and the Conservative county council.

It led me to do some research. Nearby West Sussex County Council is also a Conservative council.  

I urge you to look at the recycling pages on their website. An A to Z of where to recycle. A Conservative council operating in the same timeframe is enabling its residents to “kerbside” all manner of items we, in East Hampshire, have to put in the rubbish bin.

Come, come, Councillor Millard – you need to take responsibility for the dreadful lack of commitment to recycling that leaves EHDC almost bottom of the list of councils and their recycling record.

Let’s hear about the times you have urged Hampshire County Council to up their game.

Elisabeth Mullenger

Hawkley Road, Liss