If you’re asking yourself “who are these people listed on my ballot paper?” before the May 4 local elections, here’s your answer...

For the final part of our two-part election profiles feature, we invited each candidate standing for election in all East Hampshire District Council wards to submit a profile of 100 words, explaining who they are and why they deserve your vote on May 4.

Below are the profiles of all those who responded.

From diplomats to community workers, managing directors to retired English lecturers, and even a nuclear scientist, the range of careers and backgrounds of those standing for election is as diverse as it is fascinating.

With former police officers, army officers, and chartered engineers also in the mix, not to mention a stage school owner, cricket club chairman, and the founder of a national unemployment charity who is also a university student, it’s sure to be an interesting race.

If you are unsure of which ward you live in, this should be included on your ballot paper – or failing that, put in your postcode online at https://www.writetothem.com/

Standing for election to East Hampshire District Council (all wards will elect one councillor, unless stated otherwise):

Alton Amery:

Ian Abbott (Labour):

I went to Eggars School and moved to Alton 15 years ago where I live with my wife and two grown-up children. 

I recently left the Civil Service having worked for the Home Office and as a diplomat overseas with the Foreign Office. I also worked for the Civil Service union PCS representing workers. I have done voluntary work for Crisis at Christmas, Mencap, Farnham Festival and various other charitable organisations. 

In 2020 I co-founded the Alton Covid-19 Mutual Aid group which carried out thousands of errands for Alton people isolated by the pandemic.

Steve Hunt (Lib Dem):

I was elected to Alton Amery ward in 2019 and I am leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on EHDC. I am a retired managing director and I have been able to concentrate on my council work. 

I have served on Planning, Planning Policy and Overview & Scrutiny committees. Besides this I have sat on the EHDC Local Plan Working Group and the Constitutional Committees.  

I am well-known in Alton for ‘‘getting things done’’ locally. But I can see that there is plenty that needs fixing at EHDC and hope to play a strong role in change for the better in the next council.

Dami Sogbesan (Conservative):

I’ve been an NHS GP based in East Hampshire since relocating with my family in 2019. 

I continue to treat people using local NHS 111 service. I have also been working in the local government sector over the past two years as a parish councillor in Grayshott working on many initiatives to improve the wellbeing of the community. 

I have recently been meeting and listening to Alton Amery residents and with their consent, I feel I can represent them on the EHDC council to improve local access to healthcare, local infrastructure and support local businesses.

Alton Ashdell:

Jennifer Abbott (Labour):

I taught in Alton for 11 years until recently which meant I have been involved in countless community activities. 

During my teaching career I held many voluntary posts such as NEU union rep, school governor and teacher’s rep on parents’ associations. 

I also run a stage school which has taught musical drama to hundreds of local children. I am passionate about education and all issues affecting young people. 

I was a key co-ordinator in the Alton Covid 19 Mutual Aid Group where I arranged hundreds of shopping trips and other errands for those isolated by the pandemic.

Suzie Burns (Lib Dem):

I was elected to Alton Ashdell ward in 2019.  As a mother with a young family, I have supported more family friendly policies at EHDC. 

The council should adapt its way of working to enable people from varied backgrounds to be councillors and better represent our communities. 

I have served on Planning and Human Resource Committees as well as Community, Covid and Police liaison groups.  I see my role on the district as playing a part to fix problems, like the waste and recycling collection.  I am well-known in Alton for helping ward residents and my work in the community.

Louis Ward (Conservative):

As a resident of the Ashdell ward, I am committed to ensuring that the ward and the town continues to remain the safe and prosperous place I have come to know and love. 

I am passionate about helping my local community.  I will work with Alton Town Council and Hampshire County Council, and my fellow councillors to maintain and improve our local spaces, including the ‘‘jewel in the crown’’ of Alton, King’s Pond.  

We still face many challenges but that makes me all the more determined to do the best for my fellow residents.

Alton Eastbrooke:

William Blake (Reform UK):

No profile submitted

Steven Coatsworth (Lib Dem):

I narrowly missed being elected in Eastbrooke in 2019 but I am proud of the positive influence the Lib Dem group on EHDC has had over the past four years. 

I worry about the future for my two sons.  How will they be able to have a home they can afford to live in? What state will our planet be in if we continue to be slow to act on climate change? 

I see my role on the district as playing my part for future generations. I was shocked EHDC took more than three years to form Green Teams. Climate action and affordable housing must have much more priority.

Tony Davis (Conservative):

I have lived in Alton Eastbrooke since 2016. I have eight years’ experience as a borough councillor in Runnymede, Surrey where I gained valuable insight into the issues facing local communities. 

I wholeheartedly support the EHDC combination of fiscal prudence and far-reaching welfare support for vulnerable residents. If elected, I promise to engage with residents’ associations and the wider Alton community to be responsive to local problems. 

Outside politics I am active in the East Hants branch of CAMRA and enjoy walking in the local countryside and town green spaces.

Barbara Tansey (Labour):

I live in Holybourne ward, and have supported families in Alton for over 25 years, as antenatal teacher for Alton NCT and Homestart volunteer. I delivered food for Alton Community Cupboard throughout the pandemic, in 2020 co-founding Four Marks Community Cupboard. I was a co-ordinator for Labour's 'Alton Mutual Aid', with over 100 volunteers providing 'lockdown' support to Altonians. I worked alongside our local councils through ACAN, campaigning for safer infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. I believe councillors can work together to provide for all our citizens, and promise to do so as councillor for both town and district.

Alton Holybourne:

Samuel Corlett (Lib Dem):

Born and bred in Holybourne,  I attended local schools and have a deep-seated care for our community.  

Now I go to uni at Farnham three days a week, so have the energy and time to be a councillor.  The Lib Dems on EHDC has done an excellent job over the past four years and I aspire to join their experienced team.  My priorities  are to see more real action to tackle climate change. I would campaign for a 20mph limit on London Road as a part of that. We also need to get the local plan sorted quickly to stop speculation.

Donald Hammond (Labour):

I have lived in Alton for almost 40 years. I was involved with my daughters’ schools as a keen parent supporter and served as a governor. 

Recently retired, I worked in construction and ran my own contracting business subsequently working as a project management consultant. 

For many years I was Chair of Alton Town Twinning Association. I also perform as a member of Alton Community Choir, Kings Pond Shantymen and Alton Morris. Since retirement, I have involving myself in local conservation work. I am committed to maintaining and developing Alton’s identity and sense of community.

Graham Hill (Conservative):

I have lived in the Holybourne ward for 35 years where I am the Town and District Councillor. Being retired, I able to work for the best interests of Holybourne ward residents and “getting things done”.My 12 years’ experience as a councillor includes Town Mayor, Neighbourhood Plan, Planning Policy, Planning Decisions and Climate Change. I will continue to ensure that residents’ views are strongly represented particularly by protecting all greenfield land around Holybourne from development.  

Looking after the welfare of our local community is also very important to me. I will promote projects to reduce the effects of climate change.

Alton Westbrooke:

Philip Bennett (Conservative):

Growing up around Alton in East Hampshire was a privilege. After working away for 16 years, I returned with my family to start a business and be part of a welcoming community. As a parent and business owner, I understand the needs of our town. We all have a role in creating a united and business-friendly community we can be proud of. Supporting local businesses and making environmentally conscious choices is vital. Together, we can make a significant impact and create a brighter future. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and make a difference for Alton!

Vic Burbidge (Reform UK):

No profile submitted

Nick O’Brien (Labour):

I have lived in Alton for several years with my wife and son. I work as a senior IT support analyst for a major financial services company. I have a love of country walks and films and the cinema. I am particularly interested in how planning decisions, from the new Alton Sports Centre to the Manor Park brewery development, have affected our town. Also as a regular commuter by train I am eager to help promote transport needs in and around Alton.

Emily Young (Lib Dem):

My background is working for major banks and small independent businesses so I know how important it is to have clear plans before committing to investments. Protection of our environment and climate action must have much higher priority at EHDC.  Having a young family has made me aware of how important family-friendly policies are having at the district. The future belongs to our children and that means providing them with sustainable homes they can afford to live in while making sure development happens in appropriate places. Community politics is a priority for me.

Alton Whitedown:

Ginny Boxall (Lib Dem):

I have already set up so many community projects in Alton. I am known as a passionate campaigner for the environment and climate action. It was my motion that led EHDC to declare a Climate Emergency in 2019, but it has been a real disappointment that they took three years to set up green action teams.  I also worry about the lack of progress with the EHDC Local Plan. We really must get this sorted, along with enforcement of planning conditions when developments are allowed. We do need new homes, in the right places, but the right mix, especially homes people can truly afford to live in.

Aaron Brett (Conservative):

I am a qualified accountant living in the Alton area with my wife and young baby daughter, having moved here from Portsmouth in 2019. Having lived in the city I really appreciate the beautiful rural landscapes of Alton and surrounding areas and I want to bring a sense of local honesty and a fresh pair of eyes to push back on unnecessary and inappropriate developments around Alton. As a local Conservative councillor, I want to listen and then act on the opinion and voice of residents and do my best to help preserve the wonderful community of Alton.

Janice Treacher (Labour):

I have lived in the Alton area for 30 years. Before retiring I taught in Hampshire schools at secondary and infant levels. I served on Chawton Parish Council for four years and have been Chair of East Hampshire Labour Party and Secretary of Alton Branch. I am a member of Alton Art Society. My interests include regular use of Alton Sports Centre, the gym and swimming pool. 

I take a keen interest in the welfare of Alton and its residents taking an active role in supporting action for the good of the community

Alton Wooteys:

Mark Boyce-Churn (Labour):

I have lived in Alton since 2021. As a qualified accountant I have worked closely with local residents and businesses and in my current post I work with councils, public bodies and housing associations. 

I have seen the challenges and opportunities local residents face, including crime, traffic, GP availability and the struggles of the high street. I am determined to help local people overcome these problems. 

I am very keen to help develop our area and support our community to make Alton an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Colin Jamieson (Conservative):

I am an armed forces veteran from Dorset and now Alton, and Conservative councillor for 20+ years. 

I became a councillor to help people, the community, and the environment, and have a proven track record. I will champion the environment here in Alton, particularly the future, and protection of Kings Pond. 

In planning, I will work towards infrastructure first before huge developments, e.g., water, sewage, highways, and electricity. Providing music for children is as important as providing books in schools, bringing many transferable skills, the pleasure of achievement and well-rounded children. I will support this opportunity wherever possible.

Matthew Kellermann (Heritage Party – Keep Our Countryside Green):

My wife and I moved to Alton in 2003, living the previous eight years in Wooteys. My children are growing up in our town.  

I have seen Alton’s many positives and noticed things that could be improved. 

Priorities:  Save King’s  Pond from ruin - it is an outstanding asset for all Altonians.  Build no new estates in Alton.   Ensure Safe pathways and crossings are in place.  Facilitate simpler recycling .  Protect our liberty by opposing “20 Minute Neighbourhoods”. Provide Action not waffle , listening to Wooteys’ residents.

The Heritage Party offers a fresh alternative at East Hampshire District Council.

Warren Moore (Lib Dem):

I work in transport in and around Alton and know the challenges of getting around by public transport bring.

 I want joined-up bus and train services and better connections from Wooteys and Manor to the town. 

I am also very aware of the cost-of-living crisis and want more help for hard-up residents. House prices and rents have soared, and the Local Plan must deliver low-energy houses at truly affordable prices to buy and to rent. Faster climate action is essential, and all new developments should have solar panels.  

I want EHDC to invest in green projects and improve the very poor recycling and waste collection in our area.

Bentworth & Froyle:

Tony Costigan (Conservative):

I have lived in the area for over 10 years and have been your District Councillor for eight years, I understand the challenges facing the residents of Beech, Bentworth, Froyle, Lasham, Shalden and Wield. This is so important with the current problems we have, especially  regards keeping our roads safe and dealing with the problems we face with speeding offenders. 

Everyone has the right to live in a safe, green and clean environment and I enjoy working with local councils and individuals to ensure the wellbeing of all of my constituents.

Caroline Footman (Green):

I am a retired English lecturer, who has lived in East Hants for over 40 years. I am now a keen organic gardener and a past NHS patient and public voice, with local and national roles. I therefore have valuable experience in contributing effectively to decisions and actions, which at times can be controversial.

Voting for me would ensure a committed, informed voice for the environment, who would bring a Green perspective to local issues.

Binsted, Bentley & Selborne (two seats):

David Ashcroft (Conservative):

I am a local farmer who, with my family, has lived in the parish for decades.

 I’ve been a Selborne Parish Councillor since 2003, involved with South Downs National Park from the start and served on the Sustainable Communities Fund panel. I’m a past Chairman of NFU County, HCC Access Forum and EHDC, where I’m currently on the Planning and Licensing Committees. I am always ready to listen and help where I can. I have contributed to tree planting schemes and if re-elected one of my key priorities will be to address the pressing issues relating to Climate Change.

Phillip Davies (Conservative):

Michelle and I have been married for 30 years, raising our family locally. 

I served as police officer for 17 years, later moving to the private sector. Here, I continue to support the police to tackle serious crime. 

I was a town councillor for two years, before being elected in 2019 as a district councillor, serving on the Standards Committee and as Chairman of the HR Committee. Councillors have a vital role protecting our environment, ensuring a balanced approach to planning, and acting positively for our community. If elected, I will continue to use my experience and local knowledge to contribute to our community.

Ben Hamlin (Labour):

I am passionate about the environment and education, and a lifelong Labour supporter. 

I am the local Tree Warden. My work is aimed at inspiring all of us to plant more trees and hedgerows, and includes liaison with schools throughout the ward, as well as leading tree walks at the Alton Walks Festival. I have played a part in the recent improvements made to support nature conservation at Blacknest Fields and Bentley Butterfly Meadow.I will work tirelessly for safer roads throughout the ward. I will press for urgent progress on EHDC’s Climate and Environment Strategy.

Nicholas James (Lib Dem):

I have strong roots in Selborne, where I am proud to have grown up. I am very involved with the village community. I work for a financial company and know how important it is to make decisions based on clear plans. It was shocking that EHDC wasted council tax money on merging with Havant Borough Council, only to later accept it was a bad move. As a young person I understand what a struggle it is to be independent and find a home you can afford to live in.  I want a better mix of housing in the future. 

Bob Stammers (Lib Dem):

I have lived with my family in Kingsley for many years. As a former parish councillor, I am aware of the pressures that towns bring to our villages.  As Bordon and Alton have grown the traffic through our villages has increased. Water extracted from our area for new development has had a negative impact on our local environment.  I am furious that sewage has been released in the River Wey at Bentley 62 times last year. Climate action must be a priority. EHDC have been slow to spend money set aside for this with an unseemly rush to give grants out just before an election.

Bramshott & Liphook (three seats):

Liz Bisset (Green):

As your district councillor I will work hard to represent your views and support the sustainable development of the ward. As we are in a Climate Emergency I will push for urgent action by the district council to address climate change by reducing the carbon emissions from the council’s estate and by helping residents reduce their own individual carbon emissions, by working for protection of our natural environment and by building resilience to weather extremes. I will support and promote the Local Neighbourhood Plan which is currently being prepared and will try to make life healthier and happier for the residents of Bramshott and Liphook.

Peter Bisset (Green):

The Neighbourhood Plan provides an opportunity for residents to have a real voice in local planning decisions so I will work to finalise and put the Plan, once agreed, into operation. We are in a Climate Emergency and the council’s role in addressing this and building community resilience will be crucial for the future. Green councillors will make nature recovery and reducing carbon emissions central to the council’s work.

Investment in active travel in Bramshott and Liphook will increase the wellbeing of residents and reduce traffic congestion.

Philip Coghlan (Lib Dem):

I am a former Army Officer and Chartered Engineer and now work for a company who make survival equipment for the marine industry. My wife and I have lived in Liphook for 13 years and have two children at local schools. Passionate about community sport, I have long been involved with Haslemere Hockey Club, most recently as chairman but also as youth coach and player. Local councillors play an important role  ensuring we all get the quality of services we deserve and pay for.

Rob Evans (Lib Dem):

I have lived and worked locally for over 20 years. I have been a Bramshott & Liphook Parish Councillor and stood on two previous occasions to become a District Councillor.

As a Liberal Democrat I  can help the local community to improve EHDC’s environmental services.

The first I would like to tackle is the small number of products/materials we can re-cycle. Neighbouring District Councils (Waverley) have been re-cycling far more items than EHDC for years. Why? It does not spend OUR money on a better-quality service.

Angela Glass (Conservative):

I moved to Bramshott in 2007 with my husband, Mike. Of our ten grandchildren, six grandsons attended Liphook Infant and Junior schools, and Bohunt. 

I enthusiastically support their rugby at weekends, and I enjoy painting and writing poetry.  

Elected as a district councillor for Bramshott and Liphook in 2011, I relish working hard for all our residents. 

My cabinet portfolio is Regulation and Enforcement, covering Planning, Licensing, and more.  I am chairman of the River Wey Trust, chairman of Bramshott and Liphook Conservatives, a trustee of Bramshott Educational Trust, and a proud member of the Royal British Legion.

Andria Holdsworth (Labour):

No profile submitted

David Ilsley (Green):

I have lived in Hampshire for all my life except for my time a university. I graduated with a first class degree in software engineering. I am no stranger to effective hard work. With my partner I have lived in East Hampshire for 12 years. I want a green sustainable future for us all. I always look for the most effective solution for any problem. Retro-fitting existing properties with high standard insulation solves two. It makes your homes cheaper to heat and cuts your carbon footprint. I will work hard to find the best solution to all your issues too.

Bill Mouland (Conservative):

My wife and I moved to Liphook from the Lake District in 1986. We wanted to stay in the countryside, so I commuted to London. I switched from Today newspaper to the Daily Mail in 1990 and spent 15 years there before turning freelance and working from home. We raised three children and still live in the same house in Griggs Green and love our surroundings. I have always been interested in local government. I was honoured to be elected to EHDC in 2011 and have immersed myself in community business.

Nick Sear (Conservative):

I moved to Liphook with my family in 2006 when I joined Bohunt School as a teacher. I have also served on the PCC and been Church Warden at Liphook Church. 

As one of your district councillors for the past two years it has been my privilege to support local organisations, including Liphook Food Bank, Liphook Scouts, Liphook in Bloom and Liphook United.

I understand the local issues and challenges; notably housing and development, traffic, and pressures on services and infrastructure. I will continue to seek to make positive differences to this community and use our resources efficiently.

Geraldine Sheedy (Labour):

I moved to Liphook from Elstead in 2021 and have been enjoying getting to know the local area whilst exploring with my two dogs.

Since qualifying as a nurse in 1984, I have worked in the NHS and the voluntary sector. I am currently part of the senior leadership team at a local children’s hospice charity. Throughout my career I have worked with some of society’s most vulnerable. 

I believe that a society should be judged on how it treats and cares for its most vulnerable people and if elected I would ensure everyone in our ward had a voice.

John Tough (Labour):

I am from Yorkshire and came to Liphook in 1977. Before retiring, I worked throughout the world as a transport consultant,

I served on Bramshott & Liphook Parish Council for 12 years and started the monthly cinema in the Millennium Centre running it successfully and profitably for 10 years. I also formed the Liphook Youth Club, serving as Chairman and volunteer for12 years. For many years I was Superintendent of the Liphook St John Ambulance Division.

If elected I would promote the reduction of traffic congestion in Liphook and the improvement of public transport, particularly for the young, elderly, and infirm.

Buriton & East Meon:

Emma Clews (Labour):

I have lived in the area most of my life, having moved here as a child. Through receiving an education from local schools and working in Petersfield, I have been made aware of issues affecting the community.

I believe it is pivotal to maintain regular correspondence with constituents. If elected, I would therefore circulate a regular newsletter to communicate what EHDC is doing and would run a surgery to hear matters that locals deem important. 

I seek to work alongside constituents to find resolutions for the issues that matter to them.

I look forward to serving our community if elected.

Rob Mocatta (Conservative):

I have lived in East Meon for 24 years and have been the District Councillor for the past eight years. 

I helped to organise the Community COP26 event last year, and as EHDC cabinet member for climate change and the environment I have worked with staff to allocate grants to mitigate climate change. 

I hope to continue working with parish councils to manage access to our BOAT network and to ensure that these routes are used responsibly. 

I hope to continue to represent EHDC on the SDNP ensuring that the benefits of living in the SDNP are shared with local residents.

Richard Robinson (Lib Dem):

I grew up in Hampshire and moved to Buriton 30 years ago, am a chartered accountant and have worked in the UK and overseas.

I have served as a parish councilor, churchwarden and chair of Buriton Village Shop Association, and also volunteered at Coulters Dean Nature Reserve.

I will look after the interests of all electors of Petersfield Butser whoever they are and will ensure that East Hampshire District Council provides best value for money in all its activities.

Clanfield (two seats):

Arthur Agate (Conservative):

I have lived in Clanfield for 15 years and have been a local councillor there since 2019. The work is a continual process to improve and increase our local facilities for everyone, to provide help and assistance for those in need, work I am honoured to be part of.

I am appointed to several outside organisations that help improve our towns and villages for residents in East Hampshire and I hope to be re-elected alongside Ken Moon on May 4 so I can continue to be a strong voice for all Clanfield residents on East Hampshire District Council.

Ken Moon (Conservative):

I have been a proud resident of Clanfield for 41 years now and a local councillor since 2007. During this time, I have been actively involved in the granting of thousand of pounds towards local projects.

I am currently the cabinet member for Economic and Rural Affairs and have previously served as deputy and leader of the council. I believe my experience and local knowledge makes me uniquely qualified to continue to represent this ward and with resident support at the ballot box, alongside Arthur Agate, I hope to continue to be a positive, supportive voice on East Hampshire District Council.

John Smart (Lib Dems):

I have lived in this area for over 25 years, and have been a school governor and parish councillor. I am married with grown children who all went to local state schools.

Since retiring from being a university professor, I volunteer as a listener for the Samaritans and adviser for Citizens Advice hearing the problems facing many local people in these tough times.

Liberal Democrats believe in providing the best council services that we can, while always being aware that your money is being spent.

I want to hear your opinions, through meetings, email and social media.

Christopher Tonge (Lib Dems):

I moved to East Hampshire 27 years ago I have enjoyed the area with the South Downs and the coast on our doorstep.

As a Liberal Democrat I want to make sure that community comes before profit, where people’s concerns are listened to and are acted on. A planning policy is needed promoting real affordable homes, to buy or rent, and the supporting infrastructure.

We are in a time when green issues are more important than ever, both in our homes and the environment. I am passionate about us doing our part; effective re-cycling or cleaner beaches used for recreation.

Four Marks & Medstead (three seats):

Ilena Allsopp (Conservative):

Vote for me and together we can work to make Four Marks, Medstead and Chawton safer places for residents. I am keen to protect the local environment for the wellbeing of residents, especially road safety. This would also involve helping local groups maintain the character of our beautiful villages. I live in Chawton, and I am a parish councillor where I have organised local litter picks and social activities for the community. I am married, I have two grown up children and I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years.

Neal Day (Conservative):

I am a retired senior IT project manager who moved to the area two years ago having lived in Basingstoke for over 40 years. A Rotarian of 17 years, I take pride in being part of the world’s largest service organisation. I am vice chairman of Bentworth Parish Council where I have initiated community projects and actively help with village maintenance. 

I am an advanced motorist and am passionate about road safety and would like to make improvements in the ward.  

If elected I will strive to stamp out anti-social littering which is so unsightly and harmful to wildlife.

Alex Ehrmann (Lib Dem):

I am the chair of Ropley Cricket Club, and understand how important our village communities are, I value the importance of protecting our beautiful countryside. I want to see new, affordable homes with low energy bills along with improved infrastructure for residents. It’s hard enough to get a doctor’s appointment now and we need more facilities and support for everyone: existing and potentially hundreds of new residents alike.

I am concerned about climate change and was disappointed that East Hampshire took three years just to form a green team. More real climate action and environmental protection is needed by EHDC.

David Foster (Conservative):

Originally from Essex, I studied at City University London and later became a chartered electrical engineer. I worked in electronics development, initially for large companies and later in my own consultancy business. Married to Janet and with two sons, I moved to Four Marks in 1987 and have liked East Hampshire ever since. Janet is a parish councillor and I have supported her in various projects. Now retired, I would like to serve the community as a district councillor and if elected, plan to oppose inappropriate development and to hold surgeries to help residents.

Joanna Nelson (Lib Dem):

As a pilates instructor I am conscious of how we need to look after our physical and mental well-being. I am aware of the value of our countryside and the problems that over development bring to our villages. I want proper enforcement of planning conditions, something EHDC has fallen short on. The level of recycling collected in East Hampshire is disappointing, compared to our neighbours over the border in Surrey.  Even regular bin collections are missed too often. It’s time for East Hampshire to sort out the waste collection service, the biggest contract they let, yet they did not even tender before handing the contract to Havant Borough Council.

Christopher Oakes-Monger (Labour):

I moved to Alton in 1987 to teach mathematics at Alton College. Following my marriage to Nicki we moved to Four Marks in 1992 where we have lived ever since. My interests include music, literature and geology. A keen walker and regular visitor to the Lake District I also dance regularly. I am a member of the congregation at the Church of the Good Shepherd and was active in Alton Mutual Aid during the pandemic. I have been a union representative at Alton College and in other school settings. I am keenly interested in making our public institutions more democratic.

Robert Peters (Labour):

I enjoyed a long and varied career in the civil service often working at the interface of central and local Government in social and welfare policy. 

I moved to East Hampshire nine years ago and am an enthusiastic walker and supporter of the annual Alton Walking Festival. 

I have been a Labour member since 2012 and am keen to promote greater democracy by ensuring local people’s aspirations for their communities and their legitimate concerns for protecting civic infrastructure, much-needed public services and the environment are put centre stage in East Hampshire District Council’s approach to shaping policy and decision making.

Roland Richardson (Lib Dem):

I am an experienced parish councillor and having lived locally for many years, well aware of our village issues. 

Having a Local Plan in place to control development is vital to regulate planning permissions. I am concerned that five years after East Hampshire started making its plan, it has not even passed the public consultation stage.  

Meantime more schemes for speculative developments are coming in, from the same developers, taking no account of our already overburdened roads and infrastructure. 

Government dictated housing targets must be challenged. East Hampshire was given the opportunity to calculate its own housing need, and must now actually get on with it.

Froxfield, Sheet & Steep:

Nick Drew (Conservative):

As a local resident for 18 years and your district councillor for 12 years, I have the experience and track record of getting things done for residents of Sheet, Froxfield, Steep, Steep Marsh and Privett. This is so important with difficult planning submissions we have in the area. What is so important in this ward is that everyone has the right to live in a safe, green, clean, and tranquil environment. 

Working with you all and investing a great deal of my time I look forward to continuing to deliver this so we can all enjoy this lovely area.

Christopher Grey (Lib Dem):

Born locally, I studied chemistry before becoming an osteopathy practitioner.

Living in Sheet, with my wife Anna working in local schools, and our children we feel a deep loyalty to our towns, villages and countryside.

As an osteopath, I am used to finding the best solution for those seeking help.

I believe that a councillor needs to be committed to the community – a core Liberal Democrat belief and that council spending should be focussed locally, when possible, to support local businesses. I am passionate for East Hampshire to be active in supporting new jobs and foster healthy, resilient communities.

Yvonne Heaton (Labour):

I work for a large charity and am a mother feel it is time to give back to the community by serving on the district council. In the past I have been a parish councillor. 

I feel that as a councillor I would need to keep in touch with my constituents an would pledge the following if elected:

  • To circulate a regular newsletter to keep you up to date with what I and EHDC are doing. 
  • To run a regular surgery so that I can keep in touch with you and help with any issues or problems facing you. Putting your issues first.


Lynsey Conway (Lib Dem):

I am a local mum and business owner working with national health organisations and charities. I am committed to the Lib Dem green agenda – and will press for an end to chaotic refuse collections and for better recycling options locally. I will work with Grayshott businesses, the parish council, as well as local community groups, particularly those set up to support people struggling with the cost of living. I will also campaign for better a mobile signal in the village – and ensure that money received from central Government to mend potholes and improve roads is used effectively and appropriately.

Tom Hanrahan (Conservative):

I moved to Grayshott in 2018 where I am very happily settled with my wife and two young daughters. Keen to get involved in village life, I joined the Grayshott Parish Council in 2019, where I am just coming to the end of a four-year term, and in 2021 joined the ranks of Grayshott Fire Station where I am extremely proud to serve our community.  These roles have given me the opportunity to be involved with some fantastic projects, forge strong local connections, and witness first-hand the issues that matter to residents, and the passion and enthusiasm which exists in Grayshott.

Headley (two seats):

Mark Angear (Labour):

No profile submitted

David Jamieson (Lib Dem):

I have lived in East Hants for over 30 years. A lifelong Liberal, I believe in building strong local economies, treating everyone fairly and providing opportunity throughout life. 

I have extensive experience in local politics and will be a strong voice for Headley on EHDC. There are many Conservative policy errors resulting in poor service and financial costs that must be corrected, most urgent is to improve the refuse collections service and improve recycling. 

We are immensely fortunate to live in such a beautiful area and I will work hard to protect our environment and tackle the climate crisis.

Richard Millard (Conservative):

I grew up in and live in Headley. It has been my honour and privilege representing residents for 16 years. I will ensure the council remains dedicated to protecting the scenery we enjoy; that the zero tolerance policy on dog fouling, littering, fly tipping and general anti-social behaviour remains a central focus; and that council policies benefit and support residents of Headley, with strong planning enforcement, innovative and progressive environmental strategies, caring and supportive welfare provision. 

I am fully committed to work for you to make sure we protect the character and beauty of Headley. Thank you for your support.

Anthony Williams (Conservative):

I am honoured to again be a Conservative candidate in the May district council elections. It has been my privilege to serve you as your district councillor for 26 years, and as a Headley Parish Councillor during this period, which enables me to liaise between the two authorities to the benefit of our large parish. During my time as a councillor, I have represented all residents of Headley and Headley Down and have dealt with any problems as they have arisen. I have also used my district councillor’s grant allowance for the benefits of residents and organisations in the parish.

Horndean Catherington:

Sara Schillemore (Conservative):

I have lived in this area for over 40 years, my children attended local schools, and I have been a councillor on East Hampshire District Council for over 20 years, sitting on the planning committee, the overview and scrutiny committee and numerous working parties.

Locally, I have supported the residents of our area with individual concerns and helped local groups with grants of up to £1,000.

I have always been a LOCAL councillor, working for LOCAL people, and it would be my privilege to continue to represent residents of my ward on East Hampshire District Council after May 4.

Jonquil Tonge (Lib Dems):

A mother with two adult children, I trained as a jewellery designer, and I have taught evening classes. 

With my experience in teaching adults with learning disabilities, and counselling young adults, I have seen first-hand the need for a fairer society.

More investment is needed to raise the quality of life, such as real affordable housing for all ages, and improvement of the environment to promote the wellbeing.

We need more emphasis encouraging people to re-cycle and reduce littering. The local pollution of our rivers, sea and green spaces will leave a poor legacy for future generations.

Horndean Downs:

James Hogan (Green):

I have lived in the local area for the majority of my life. I work as an IT development manager, dealing with client issues and problems, so I have the skills to listen and do the job of district councillor. 

I’m honoured to have been selected, and grateful for the opportunity to represent local people. I am passionate about living sustainably and protecting our precious green spaces. Not lose them to over-development, speeding cars and litter.  I will work hard on what matters to local residents, from planning issues to pot holes, speaking up for all residents of Horndean Downs.

Jon Whitfield (Conservative):

My wish is to bring representation to the community that has come to mean so much to my family and me since we moved to this area 6 years ago. I believe it is now time for me to use the skills I have developed in my professional life as a project manager, to do my bit for the local community.

If elected as your representative on East Hampshire District Council, I promise to listen, learn from you and existing councillors and where possible, deliver a resolution to any issues you make me aware of.

Horndean Kings & Blendworth (two seats):

David Evans (Conservative):

I have lived in Horndean for 34 years and have been representing residents as a district councillor since 2011. I have held various roles during this time, currently assistant to the cabinet member for planning. I sit on the planning committee, planning policy committee, standards committee, overview and scrutiny committee and several working groups.

There are always new challenges facing our area and I will always work tirelessly for all residents.  

My experience, local knowledge and understanding of this community makes me the best choice, along with Chris Hatter, to continue to represent our area at East Hampshire District Council.

Christopher Hatter (Conservative):

I have lived locally since 2016 with my family. I have been proud to represent Horndean residents on East Hampshire District Council since 2019.  I know the issues and concerns that families and individuals face in our area.

As a local councillor, I have been involved in the granting of funds towards local projects such as supporting Xcel gymnastics club, Horndean Volleyball Club and the community library at Merchistoun Hall.

I am passionate about local issues and supporting my community. I hope that with resident support on May 4, alongside David Evans, I will receive the mandate to continue this good work.

Phill Humphries (Green):

I have lived this side of Butser Hill for the last seven years, after living in Petersfield for many more.

In that time I have not seen any improvement in the services offered to our area, indeed quite the opposite what with the state of the roads, the litter, the lack of services. Now we see even more overdevelopment driven by being on the edge of the national park.

The Green Party believes in true sustainability locally, nationally, and globally. I intend to work hard for our local area and bring that sustainable, rational thinking to the role of district councillor.

Diane Smart (Lib Dems):

I have lived in this area for 31 years, married with four grown children who all went to local schools. I worked as a training officer, often with young people. I volunteer at a local hospice and have volunteered at a charity providing meals and support for homeless people.

Really affordable and rental housing is important for everyone in the community, but particularly for young people starting out and am concerned about the cost-of-living crisis. I believe that planning is very important, and keen to ensure that there is not uncontrolled development in areas outside the national park.

Horndean Murray:

Jack Ross (Conservative):

I have lived in Horndean since the age of six and know the frustrations and aspirations of residents; I share them.

In addition to my volunteering roles at Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association (which covers our area) and also South East Special Olympics Team, for the last 11 months I have also been volunteering in Ukraine with my humanitarian group, ‘Vans Without Borders’.  

Having worked with politicians up and down the country and seen best practice enrich the lives of residents, I will employ positive strategies in Murray Ward and will be a strong and positive voice for all.   

Elaine Woodard (Lib Dems):

I moved to Horndean 32 years ago, three of my children attended local schools. I’m a retired accountant and over the years I have volunteered for various community roles including PTA treasurer, trustee of a Community Association, founder member and trustee of the Horndean Independent Youth Association and more recently primary school governor.

My priorities on the council will be climate and the environment, we lag behind other councils and could do much more; we need low rent and low energy, housing, sort out the Local Plan to stop speculative development; support community and welfare organisations by continuing grants and other aid.


Penny Flux (Whitehill & Bordon Community Party):

I live in Lindford with my three children, husband and two tortoises! Already passionate about making a difference locally, I am chair of governors at Weyford Nursery & Primary Academy – a voluntary role I have held for four years. I work in the pharmacy industry and hope to be able to use my knowledge to lobby hard for the health services so desperately required locally. 

My family and I are walking the length of Shipwright’s Way, and have loved watching the diversity of the amazing countryside we have on our doorstep, making protecting our valuable Greenspace another priority

Richard Hudson (Conservative):

I am married with two children, and two grandchildren who go to Weyford School. I am semi-retired now and have worked for companies such as BT and O2 in numerous roles over two decades. I retired from O2 in 2009 and started my own business and have worked for a number of companies on a contract basis.

My parents worked in the NHS; I am passionate believer in making this institution work for all. I have learnt that DELIVERING FOR and HELPING RESIDENTS is one of the most fulfilling things you can do for yourself, and most importantly THE RESIDENTS.

Gareth Rees (Labour):

I have been living locally in the area since 2014 with my wife Kerri and two very noisy children Evan, 12, and Eve, 8. I run a back- to-work training company, that works together with the Job Centre, to get people into employment. 

Having worked in education I’m passionate about Lindford having the best options for schools and colleges in the area. Having seen the effects of the cost-of-living crisis on my learners I would be determined to freeze and then reduce council tax. I am also a member of Liphook Bowls Club and I enjoy karaoke.

Liss (two seats):

Keith Budden (Conservative):

As a long-time Liss resident, I always act in the best interests of Liss. Through many years on the parish council (chairman twice) and the only person to chair EHDC for two consecutive years, I have always delivered for Liss. 

Through EHDC councillor grants I have helped Newman Collard Playing Fields, Men’s Shed, Crossover Centre, the Triangle Centre among many local organisations. 

I know for many, life is tough at the moment. I can’t wave a magic wand, but a Conservative EHDC will keep welfare our top priority. Others promise, I deliver. Please vote for me on May 4.

Peter Doyle (Conservative):

Having lived locally for many years, I am delighted to be a Conservative candidate for Liss. I have some clear priorities – Enhance the village centre; crack down on anti-social behaviour (particularly around the railway station); first class facilities for our young people and help improve our community buildings including the village hall, Liss Pavilion, and the Newman Collard Pavilion. I will work with the parish council and others to make this happen. We have some great opportunities in Liss, and a great community which wants to see things happen.  Please help achieve this. Vote for me on May 4.

Ian James (Green):

I believe the job of a councillor is to deal with local issues that concern local voters. I have knocked on many doors in Liss asking what your issues are. I had learnt that speeding was a major concern. So I founded the Liss Speedwatch group.

Issues like this crop up all the time. Potholes, litter, blocked pavements, either by parked cars or overgrown hedges, careless parking, untidy streets. Whatever they are, whenever they crop up I will deal with them in the same way. I will listen. I will act. I will work hard to find the best possible solution.

Howard Linsley (Labour):

I have served on Liss Parish Council for over 20 years and chaired most of the committees. Between 2010 and 2013, I was chair of the council itself. As an EHDC councillor I would work hard to mitigate the problems currently being handed down by central government.

If elected I would circulate on a regular basis a newsletter to keep you informed about what I and EHDC were doing. I would also run a regular surgery so that you could tell me about problems you are facing and how I can help you. I would be there to serve here to serve you.

Roger Mullenger (Lib Dem):

Now retired, after an IT career gaining experience in business in UK and abroad.

Nearer home, I have lived in Liss for nearly 30 years, was a Liss parish councillor for 12 years, being chairman for three years.

My voluntary roles over the years have included; parent governor, nature reserve warden, U3A walk leader and Newman Collard trustee, youth club volunteer.

Recently I played active role in the creation of the Liss Neighbourhood Plan, and am currently on two SDNP committees.

I really believe in good affordable and high-quality housing, excellent education, good local services and a protected environment.

Petersfield Bell Hill:

Gary Boller (Labour):

I’ve been a self-employed illustrator since 1990 and I live and work in East Hampshire with my wife.

I have two grown children. I have also worked in education as a lecturer and part-time teacher.

I’ve been a supporter of the Labour Party for 30 years. If elected I will use my experience to stand up for residents, small business and improve local services, such as youth services and the environment.

John Hilton (Green):

For me the Green Party represents the political pathway to addressing the really important questions for our society – locally, nationally and globally.

With national conversation currently focused on the cost of living, we have neglected urgent actin on climate change and on ways to address the inequalitis and imbalances that lie behind many of the challenges for our society.

At a local level, the Green Party can provide a determined focus on environmental issues such as recycling, integrated transport, and housing standards, as well as fresh thinking about what really makers to our community in the long term.

Jamie Matthews (Independent):

I’m standing for re-election as an Independent candidate for the district council and town council because I believe it’s important to have the right person, with the knowledge and experience to represent the residents of the Bell Hill ward, distinct from any brand of national politics. I was first elected in 2015 and also served as mayor of Petersfield in 2017. 

There are 43 councillors who make up the district council and all of them, except me, represent a political party. A healthy democracy requires people who can scrutinise what the council does free from the constraints of party politics.

Russell Oppenheimer (Conservative):

I love Petersfield and so do my wife and three kids. I am an experienced county and district councillor – I am proud that we have put solar panels on over 200 schools and planted over 10,000 trees. I am passionate about reducing the negative impact of busy roads on our communities and enhancing nature. Petersfield now has too much through traffic creating noise, pollution, and road safety risks. 

Bell Hill suffers greatly due to the key roundabout and the business park. I will bring my experience in local government to bear in Bell Hill and deliver traffic-calming and eliminate rat running.

Petersfield Causeway:

Ros Carvell (Labour):

I am proud to be standing for election in the ward in which I live. My family have been living on Cranford Road contnually for over 80 years, so I have the area and its residents close to my heart. 

I am about to graduate from university, and am currently working in Petersfield. We live in a great town that has been let down by local politicians, not least in their terrible handling of the issue of bin collections and the contract with Norse. 

If elected, I would ensure a much needed focus on a voice for younger residents.

John Hutchinson (Lib Dem):

My wife, I and our two children have had the pleasure of living in Petersfield, on one of the new estates off the Causeway.

My career is in engineering and recently I started my own consultancy focused on new product development. I strongly support the value that manufacturing creates.

I believe passionately in community and that all the residents of Petersfield deserve the freedom and opportunity to thrive, while scarce resources should be aimed at those who need help.

My priority is for a Petersfield striking the right balance between business, recreation, and services to make for a happy and fulfilled community!

Tom Ross (Conservative):

Having lived locally all my life, I have dedicated thousands of hours of my time to local charities, and I was recently awarded the ‘Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service with Special Recognition’. 

As a nuclear scientist, I possess planning expertise which I intend to utilise to protect our neighbourhood against over-development.

 I also plan to tackle the scourge of speeding and littering on our roads, whilst using my extensive volunteering experience to empower and encourage pupils at The Petersfield School. Community should be at the very heart of policy-making; if elected, I will listen to and act upon your concerns.

Petersfield Heath:

Sam Ansell (Labour):

I have lived in Liss for over 10 years and am standing as your district councillor in the Petersfield Heath ward.

I am passionate about making a difference in Petersfield and my priorities are improving the cleanliness of the area, removing potholes and ensuring we protect our local services e.g. libraries.

If elected I promise to issue a regular newsletter to keep you updated with our work, together with local surgeries where you can meet me to discuss any concerns you have.

Louise Bevan (Lib Dem):

I have a long family connection with the Petersfield area – at school here, then after working abroad, returning to live here again. Many years’ of working on rural and community projects, have made me able to contribute skill and knowledge. I believe in using resources wisely to protect services for those who need help, and to care for our environment.

I have campaigned for better social care, and involved myself in the community. Firstly, with the Community Garden, and as a trustee of Petersfield Climate Action Network (PeCAN).

I will work hard for good quality local services and the protection of our environment.

Julie Butler (Conservative):

I have lived in Petersfield for over 30 years and have been a councillor since 2007. I am currently the deputy leader of EHDC, leading on welfare, housing and communities. Working alongside the town and county councils, I will continue to fight for the issues that matter most to you. 

The longstanding concerns with Durford Road crossroads is one of my main priorities. I’ve been assured that this will be resolved within 12 months. We need to protect our environment, and ensure our town is safe and vibrant. I have a proven track record and will continue to work hard on your behalf.

Petersfield St Peter’s (two seats):

Jeremy Abraham (Labour):

I’ve lived in Petersfield 12 years. I want to give a voice on local issues that isn’t just “more of the same” but adds positively to our community and environment, restoring quality of life for all after the sterile years of austerity and structural dismemberment. 

That means encouraging the delivery of council services in a cohesive and accountable manner, whilst taking account of local opinions and needs. That doesn’t mean heavy handed attempts to waste management solutions across the district driven solely by cost, delivered by unaccountable third parties and does mean engaging with residents on what’s needed and how best to provide that.

JC Crissey (Conservative):

Petersfield is very special to me. Over the last 30 years, my wife and I have lived, worked, made friends and raised our children here. I therefore know how precious the town is and its importance to the region.

As a town councillor and deputy mayor, I have helped deliver a net zero redevelopment plan for the Festival Hall, countered irresponsible commuter parking and voiced residents’ concerns about planning applications. I believe these successes prove I can deliver positive results for our residents. My priorities remain: a safe, clean, accessible town; a thriving market-town economy and an environmentally responsible development.

David Podger (Lib Dem):

I live in St Peter’s ward, married with four children all of whom went to local state schools. I’ve had a wide and varied career, which started as a volunteer with VSO in East Africa and continued in working and volunteering for many non-for-profit organisations.

I have campaigned on regional, national and international issues from campaigning for safer road crossings to supporting Ukrainian refugees.

One of my main priorities includes fighting for more affordable housing.

If elected to the district council, I will work hard to ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of all Petersfield residents.

Phil Shaw (Lib Dem):

My wife and I have lived in St Peter’s ward for over 38 years. My working life was spent serving society and my local community. After 24 years in the Royal Navy, I qualified as a mental health nurse and spent the first 12 years of my nursing career supporting the people of Petersfield.

I have been a town councillor since 2019, including one year as mayor and I aim to use the experience to make a real difference on the district council. 

I will do all I can to make sure our community gets the services we deserve. 

Beth Svarovska (Conservative):

As a long-term, self-employed resident of Petersfield, I recognise the unique and precious attributes of the town, and its strategic significance within the region. 

I have led town-wide clean-ups for seven years, and co-led a local business network for nine years. These show my ability to work across voluntary, private and public sectors and deliver results for the community. My priorities are: a safe, clean, accessible town; a thriving market-town economy; environmental responsibility and resilience in a changing climate. 

Born in Birmingham, I graduated in Natural Sciences & Land Economy from Cambridge University, and worked internationally in finance and marketing.

Ropley, Hawkley & Hangers:

Charles Louisson (Conservative):

I have lived in Ropley for 36 years, been a district councillor since 2015 and a school governor since 2019. I will continue to work hard in this large ward to get funding for local facilities, be proactive in planning to maintain the character of our villages, manage housing growth within the Local, SDNPA and Neighbourhood Plans, campaign for better broadband and mobile coverage and represent you at the council to keep our villages desirable places to live and work. 

I have granted over £30,000 towards local projects. Please vote for me on May 4 to continue working for you.

Jenny Stacy (Lib Dem):

There are not enough women in politics and so much that needs changing. That is why I am standing.

I care about lessening air pollution, banning sewage dumping, and about reducing the gap between rich and poor.

My early career was as a journalist, but I switched to being a designer-maker to fit around my three children.

Recently retired, I now help at the wonderful Freeshop at Petersfield station which distributes food that shops would otherwise throw away.

I also belong to Women of this Town (WOTT) which puts pressure on our MP and local councils to lower our carbon emissions.

Rowlands Castle:

Laurent Coffre (Green):

“What can I do?” Faced with global issues such as climate change, we all feel powerless to influence the course of events. We think globally and act locally. It means engaging with East

Hampshire District Council. If elected as your councillor I will to steer them towards sustainable policies: insist they tender for ethical and local companies, prioritise and support non-polluting transportation networks, promote pedestrian areas while developing local trade by supporting our high street, champion carbon neutral housing, both new developments and existing stock.

Luis Cook (Reform UK):

No profile submitted

Charlene Maines (Conservative):

I have lived in Rowlands Castle since 2014 with my 2 teenagers, I grew up in this area and volunteer my time freely to benefit the community.  I founded a national unemployment charity and am currently in my final year at university, studying for a BA Honours degree in Business Management and Leadership. In 2022, I started a youth group in Rowlands Castle which has been hugely successful.

I promise, if elected, to make a positive difference to this community and bridge the gaps between local council services and residents to better serve you.

Whitehill Chase (two seats):

Emmanuel Anyanwu (Conservative):

I am an IT business consultant actively involved in my local community.  Helping local businesses and residents is one of the most fulfilling things that I have done, and my goal is to help make Whitehill and Bordon a safer and even more inspiring community.

I fully support the EHDC funding streams and investment incentives made available to stimulate the local business economy.  

I am committed to combating climate change and will push for greener policies and more energy efficient living and working spaces.  It is important to support our most vulnerable residents, and our budget commitment strengthens this resolve.

Catherine Clark (Whitehill & Bordon Community Party):

I am a mum of four and I live in Chalet Hill. I volunteer as a local Cub Scout leader. I had been thinking about what else I could do to make my town a better place for my children to grow up in, so I decided to join the Whitehill & Bordon Community Party and stand for election and try to make Bordon a better place to live, listen to local people and help fight for what they want too. I hope people will support our local group to get onto EHDC for the first time.

Michael Croucher (Lib Dem):

I am a retired charter engineer and I have lived and worked locally for over 50 years. Our children attended local schools. I have been both a parish and district councilor for many years, and I have been involved with a wide range of local community-based charities.

As a committed Liberal Democrat, I believe that I can help the local community to improve a number of major issues faced by our Tory-run district council, even after 12 years of Conservative rule. 

The “waste bins” are a classic example of a very poor-quality service from the Tory-run EHDC.

Sally Pond (Conservative):

I have been your local district councillor for the last eight years, and currently chairman of EHDC and the planning committee. I was a Town councillor from 2011 to 2019 and mayor in 2015. 

Having lived in Whitehill since 1967, I raised my family here, and my eldest grandchild attends Oakmoor. 

I have a proven track record in supporting residents to ensure our infrastructure and housing needs are met. 

I am committed to support businesses, helping them to grow and expand to offer local employment opportunities. 

I will continue to work with Hampshire Police to stamp out anti-social behaviour wherever it is found.

Andy Tree (Whitehill & Bordon Community Party):

Where do I begin! It can be very frustrating to hold those in power to account but also rewarding to help and make a difference. 

I’ve strived to be have become a positive force for representing residents with decision-makers. 

I’ve hosted public Q&A sessions with the NHS, Police and Regeneration Company. 

Showing financial astuteness, we have maintained our grant aid budget to support organisations including Citizens Advice and fight for Health Services.

I ask our fellow residents to place their faith in me and my Whitehill & Bordon Community Party colleagues and elect us to EHDC for the first time.

Paul Wigman (Lib Dem):

Happy to have served as a former town councillor and current district councillor for Whitehill Chase since 2019, with your help, hope to serve another four years! 

Medical appointments? I help residents driving with Bordon and Whitehill Voluntary Car Service.

Living in Whitehill &Bordon since 1979 with my family I am fully aware of the 25-year development that started in 2010 until 2035.

We are therefore at the halfway stage with lots to do and promises to keep. I will do my utmost to ensure that we get a town of which we can be proud!

Whitehill Pinewood:

Jason Guy (Green):

I have recently moved into the area from Aldershot. I am currently studying Environmental Studies at the Open University.

The climate emergency is the greatest threat our species has ever had to rise to and we do not have time to lose.

We are currently on course to fail our commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement which may be our last chance to avert the worst of the climate crisis.

Every vote for the Green party sends a message that we need to take this crisis seriously and that we are willing to do our part.

David Hales (Conservative):

I have lived in Whitehill with my family since 1998 and have especially enjoyed living here since my retirement because of all the great facilities that we have here in Bordon.

During my career I was in the Royal Navy and have worked in hospitality, catering and spent some time in the care industry. I was a Special Constable, and I was an assistant Scout leader for the Blackmoor & Whitehill Scouts.

My care industry experience has made me particularly interested in assisting disabled folk, like me, in playing a full and active role in our local community.

Trevor Maroney (Independent):

I am married with a son and grandson, and have lived in Liphook for 25 years.

I am a retired army officer, management accountant, chartered secretary, civil engineer and school bursar.

I have been Pinewood’s district councillor, and deputy leader of the Lib Dem Group with responsibility for shadowing budgets and finance for four years.

I am on the audit, overview and scrutiny, and planning committees; and the cabinet advisory panel on affordable housing.

I want to stop money being wasted through poor decisions and ensure that the system becomes more cost effective, thereby keeping council tax down, and transparent.

Adeel Shah (Whitehill & Bordon Community Party):

I want to make a positive difference. I have been serving as a Whitehill & Bordon Community Party town councillor since January 2023, where getting straight to work, I supported a grant to the Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre and Citizens Advice East Hampshire.

Living in Bordon within Pinewood ward, I am already working hard for local charities, assisting the local Royal British Legion branch to collect for the poppy appeal, arranging multiple litter picks, tree planting sessions, directly helping with food drives and supporting Bordon Food Bank. I am a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Whitehill Hogmoor & Greatham (two seats):

SJ Bartlett (Conservative):

Since moving to Greatham, I have become a parish councillor and volunteered for local charities close to my heart.  I am a team player and like to get the job done.  I believe listening is vital and want to represent the views of my community. I am honest, fair, and trustworthy. If elected I would work tirelessly to deliver what locals want.  I believe that keeping our roads safe by reducing speed is important for our safety and for the environment. We must protect and improve our green spaces, and ensure that everyone is safe within the community that we live. 

Adam Carew (Conservative):

Adam Carew has lived in Whitehill all his life. He has has proven track record standing-up for our town and been re-elected time and again by Whitehill residents to EHDC for 20 years since 2003.

Adam has been chairman of EHDC and a cabinet member as well as serving as mayor of Whitehill, Leader of Whitehill Town Council and county councillor for the area for many years.

An historian and wildlife conservationist Adam is passionate about our area, he led campaigns for Chase Hospital, to save our green spaces, to cut housing numbers and is opposing housing on Standford Grange Farm.

Adam says: “Our residents deserve the very best. I am determined we get it.”

Jane Crinnion (Labour):

I have lived in Whitehill for the past nine years with my husband and three children. I am passionate about ensuring equal access for all to public services and promoting equal representation for the diverse population in my ward.

If elected, I would work particularly to secure the provision of early years’ services and community support to young parents and their children. 

In addition, I would ensure that environmental sustainability is at the heart of all new projects in the Bordon redevelopment area.

Alison Glasspool (Lib Dem):

I am your Lib Dem candidate for Whitehill Hogmoor and Greatham. I live locally and enjoy being an active part of the community. I bring both personal and professional experience that will make me an excellent councillor. I will be an effective decision-maker. 

Any new housing development will be supported with the required infrastructure and built to green credentials. I will look to fix council failings, including the EHDC managed refuse collection fiasco. I will actively promote Green Home improvement initiatives. 

My passion is human rights, and I will endeavour to tackle inequalities, working hard to encourage vibrant healthy communities.

Antony Gray (Lib Dem):

I have lived in Bordon for 30 years, and have been active on the town council, the Deadwater Valley Trust and Whitehill Residents Association. As a long-term resident I have seen the area change over the years, and I understand the future needs of our local community and the wider area. I will work to encourage the local environment through promoting green homes, better waste management and well managed open spaces. As your local councillor, I will engage across the communities to find solutions to local issues.

Jessie Hickman (Labour):

I have lived in Whitehill for the last nine years. As a young person, I am passionate about trying to get other people my age interested and involved in politics. I feel that change for good needs to be long-lasting and not just framed within a four-year electoral term. If I am elected, I would work to foster more inter-generational community collaborations – we all have something to learn from each other, after all. I am proud to live in an up-and-coming community and would work to ensure that as our town grows, it grows positively.

Kirsty Mitchell (Whitehill & Bordon Community Party):

As a single parent with a young son living in Whitehill with our dog, the environment in which my family live has become increasingly important to me and I am keen to in some way play a part in developing that environment.

From clean, safe and open spaces to transportation, employment, medical facilities and sustainability – I have an interest in everything, not just for myself and my family, but for everyone in our community.

I would very much like the opportunity to serve the residents of Whitehill Hogmoor & Greatham ward to contribute to the excellent work of the Community Party.

Mike Steevens (Whitehill & Bordon Community Party):

I arrived in the UK from New Zealand aged 23, met my wife Mo before setting off on our travels around Europe. 

On our return, we bought a house and I soon realised I’d made the right decision in making the UK our home.

I’m mad about animals and keen golfer. I have been a member at Blackmoor Golf Club for 25 years taking part in many team events. 

Being a local self-employed taxi driver, I’m frequently engaging with people and listening to their concerns and would relish the chance to follow this through and voice their concerns at EHDC!


There is now less than a week to go until polling day on Thursday, May 4 – when registered electors will have the chance to vote for their chosen representatives for the next four years.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on May 4 – with voters’ poll cards received through the post informing them where their designated polling station is.

A grand total of 74 venues across East Hampshire will be transformed into polling stations ranging from Alton Community Centre, St Mary’s RC Church Hall, and Holybourne Village Hall to pubs like The Jolly Farmer in Blacknest and The Golden Pheasant in Lower Farringdon, and even a location with “no name” (aka The White Horse) in Priors Dean.

In the Petersfield area, Cromwellian manor Langrish House and Causeway Business Centre are among the venues opening up for voters, as will BASE Bordon Innovation Centre.

At the polling station, for the first time voters will need to show photo ID to vote. A list of accepted ID documents can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/how-to-vote/photo-id-youll-need

They will then be given a ballot paper, which they will need to mark with an X in the box next to their preferred candidate(s).

Anyone who has registered for a postal vote and hasn’t returned their ballot card, can still vote at their designated polling station.

After the polls close at 10pm on May 4, the ballot boxes are taken to a counting hall where they are opened and the votes are counted. 

The results are then announced publicly, by the borough or district council – and on the Herald and Post websites.